About Me.

I’m an opinionated pop-culture enthusiast, currently on a Golden Life Journey.  I earned a degree from one of the top law schools in the country.  When I hit 30, I packed up my life and moved from Maryland (the DMV) to New York City to pursue my passion. Then I gave it all up and moved back home again because being near my family is what makes my soul glow 😉 In what little spare time I have, I put my energy into doing exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it.  Does that sound selfish?  Good.I grew up in a family that vacationed often, so I guess you could say I was born into travel. As a young professional, I made it my business to take at least one major vacation per year and loved the excitement I got from visiting other countries and learning about other cultures. By all accounts, my life was going quite well.

Then my circumstances changed. Between October 2014 and August 2015, I lost an aunt and two uncles. In September 2015, I lost my dad. In April 2016, I lost my grandmother. I was close to all of these family members and their losses devastated me. But these experiences also taught me an extremely important lesson: life is short. You only get one shot here on Earth, so you better make it a good one. This led me to identify the priorities for my life; on what and on whom did I want to spend my time and energy? I kept coming back to travel, food, and family.

Food and family have always been running themes in my life, but in December of 2015, I officially made travel a priority in my life and began to cross countries off my “travel bucket list”. I’ve learned a lot along the way — about different cultures and countries, and the logistics of traveling domestically and internationally with a limited budget. Now, I’m using this blog to share that information with others who may want to start creating their own travel memories.

More about me: I am nostalgic about the creature comforts of suburbia (parking lots, chain restaurants, shopping malls, etc.), but really I’m a city girl at heart.  I’m a grammar snob (please know the difference between to, two, and too!). I love food (that’s worth repeating).  I like to cook (which is good because, as you already know, I also like to EAT), I love brunch (because I like to eat) with bottomless bellinis, and I am a novice runner (thank God for that because… did I mention that I LIKE TO EAT?!).  I also like books, movies, boys, and pretty stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, etc.).  And, in case you haven’t noticed, I like to put words into parentheses. These simple pleasures take me to my Happy Place.

My blog is a space where I share travel tips, life lessons, tidbits for living well, career advice, and my perspectives on relationships (of all kind).  I have an opinion about everything and, here, I will tell you exactly how I see it… whatever “it” may be.

You may be wondering why you should care about my viewpoint.  Well, maybe you shouldn’t.  But just in case you do, I’ve written it all down for you.  Review it, consider it, and then take what you need from it.