And so it begins…

I suppose I should start off by telling you all about what this blog promises to be.  But… here’s the thing — this time around, I’m not making ANY promises.

I spent a few years writing a blog over at Blogger, and called myself creating, and sharing, a thinly-veiled, mostly-true account of my life.  The problem arose when the veil became too thin and the “mostly-true” stories that I told got me into some hot water with people who were close to me.   I guess it was yet another case of “when keeping it real goes wrong”.  *smh*  Also, I got tired of trying to be witty and creative, and then I got busy and just didn’t have time to pay attention to my blog like I should’ve.  So, I quit.  It made me sad, though, because blogging is cathartic.  And, as much as I love my readers, let’s face it… this isn’t really about you, it’s about ME, and since life is short, I’ve decided I should do what feels good to me.

So, here I am.

I’ve decided to start fresh.   So fresh, in fact, that I left Blogger for WordPress and I’ve decided to drop the pseudonym and use my real name… ‘cause I ain’t scurred.

My name is Kelli, and I’d like to welcome you folks to the organized chaos that is my mind.  I have an opinion (a STRONG one) about pretty much everything under the sun, and, lucky for you, I’m planning to share those opinions with you via this blog.  You’ll get blessed on a regular basis about LIFE… according to Kelli.  Most times, you probably won’t give a damn about what I think, but I’m hoping that sometimes you will.

Not only will I write about my life, but I’ll also share things that I think are cool and that I think you’ll probably think are cool, too, from articles to photos to videos, etc.  If you think the stuff I post is lame, then stop reading.  Or, you can just tell me that stuff I say/post is lame.  No hard feelings.  Promise.  Chances are, I probably think the shit you say is lame, too.  *shrug*  Honestly, my biggest frustration over at Blogger was that I’d only get a few comments here and there and, frankly, after all the work I put into producing a post, that shit was depressing.  So, even if you’re bored by what I have to say, take a few moments to tell me I suck just so I know you’re reading.  Pleaseandthankyou.

Now that introductions have been handled and we’re (hopefully) on the same page, let’s get this party started…


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