Gratitude Party: Coffee, Men and Maintenance

The 5 things for which I was grateful YESTERDAY (Darn it – slacked off again!):

So, I forgot to write again yesterday, but here I am today – bright and early and focused on my blessings!

1. Slow periods at work. Gotta love free time on the J-O-B.

The kiddos are on winter break, which means that I actually have some time to breathe.  I recently started a new position (by recently, I mean the last few months) and there’s a HUGE learning curve.  So, even when I have “free” time, it’s not really free.  I need to be reading up on the basics of my field.  I spent my free time today doing just that (and peeking at Facebook, of course… it’s a nasty addiction, lol).  But still, it was really nice to not be dictated by my calendar.  I was grateful for the “freedom”.

2. Coffee!

I made it through college AND law school without drinking coffee.  I just didn’t like the taste.  Both my parents were bona fide java addicts when I was growing up and I never took a sip.  But then came the bar exam.  During that 8-week period, I don’t know how I would’ve made it without Starbucks.  Every day, I drank a double-tall, non-fat, caramel macchiato.  Now I realize that I was consuming about 300 calories every morning, but at that point calories were inconsequential.  I just needed to say awake during my bar prep classes, and sustain myself through 10 hours of studying.  It worked.  Well, then, of course, I got used to having a hot drink and a blast of caffeine every morning and then it got to a point where I was no good without it.  As I mentioned, I’m not a morning person, so getting up early for work is not fun.  Ever.  And these days, if I don’t have my morning coffee, the rest of the day is shot.  There’s just something about that first sip that makes the day more bearable.  Thank you, God, for coffee.

3. A good man. They are so hard to find, but when you do… (!!!)

I could write a book about my dealings with men (and, perhaps, someday I will).  And if I threw in stories about my friends’ shenanigans with men, I’d have what would amount to at least a trilogy.  I have dealt with them all – losers, arrogant jerks, mama’s boys, wannabe players, commitment-phobes, thugs, emasculated wimps – you name it, I’ve had an experience with one, or know someone who did.  I had been single for awhile when I read an article that said that a single woman should let everyone know that she is on the market and open to dating.  So, that’s what I did.  During one of these conversations with a few married friends at work, I mentioned that I was ready to date and asked if they had any viable candidates for me.  One of them says, “Sorry, all the single guys I know are losers.  That’s why they’re single!”  Uh… gee, thanks.  Way to keep hope alive!  This was the moment that I remembered thinking for the first time that maybe there aren’t any good single men left.  Maybe I was destined to live a life alone.  I mean, I could be happily single, couldn’t I?  So I started to focus on ME, keeping my desire to be in a relationship on the periphery of my life.  Everyone kept saying that I’d meet someone when I least expected it, so I stopped expecting it.  Imagine my surprise when I met someone.  “Everyone” was right, it happens when you’re not thinking about it, and it usually happens WITH the person you’d least expect.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m in a relationship – I’m still happily single – but He did come into my life, and right on time at that.  And he single-handedly renewed my faith in men.  There really ARE good men out there that are kind-hearted, affectionate, considerate, smart, AND good looking to boot.  I was a non-believer, but I’m here to tell you – they do exist.  🙂

4. Maintenance fixing my kitchen sink/dishwasher! Hallelujah!

My damn kitchen sink keeps backing up and flooding.  Apparently, this is one of the drawbacks of living in a high-rise apartment building with old pipes.  Right before I left my apartment for a trip to DC for the holidays, my dishwasher started overflowing.  Turns out the issue was due to the blocked kitchen sink.  Because there was nowhere else for the water to go, it started draining into the dishwasher, and then when the dishwasher got full, it started draining onto my kitchen floor.  It was a disaster.  And when I returned from DC, my silly self thought the problem might just correct itself, so I was in no rush to call on the maintenance folks at my apartment.  Mainly because, well… they’re not so good at “maintaining” stuff.  It takes them forever to come, and then when they finally arrive, there is always some excuse about why whatever was wrong in the first place cannot be fixed.  So, imagine my surprise when, as I’m cooking dinner for Him and me, my dishwasher overflows.  I call maintenance, they show up in minutes, and within half an hour, the problem is solved.  Maintenance actually maintained some stuff.  Go figure…

5. A super-easy round trip commute (let’s hope I can be grateful for this again today!).

If you’ve ever spent any time in NYC, you know that New Yorkers are totally dependent on public transportation.  When it’s reliable, it gets no better.  But when even the slightest thing goes wrong, all hell breaks loose.  Given all the variables involved, there are some days that my 25-30 minute commute takes over an hour, and once you’re on the train, there’s really nothing you can do to speed up your trip.  You are just along for the ride.  Well, yesterday morning, I walked down into the subway station and my train was there waiting, the train made it through all stops without any delays, we got to 14th Street and I made my connection with my second train in a matter of minutes and was at work earlier than I’ve been in a very long time.  Heading home, same deal.  It was one of my best commutes yet.  Here’s hoping there’ll be more days like this in my future.

 What are you grateful for today?  Here’s your invitation to the Gratitude Party!

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