A Blog a Day for 30 Days – Day 1

I’ve decided to participate in a challenge that is going to require me to write a blog per day for 30 days.  In theory this isn’t difficult.  There are prompts that tell me exactly what to focus on each day, but… still.  Considering that I have barely blogged at all over the last year and a half, this is going to be a literal challenge for me.  I hope it’ll bring me some clarity, get the creative juices flowing, and also hone the discipline I need to be successful in every area of my life.  So, here goes nothing… 

Day 1

I am currently involved in the best relationship I’ve had in years.  Why?  Because I’m dating myself.

Well… I don’t actually take myself out on dates (much), but the person that I do the most for, take the best care of, spend the most time with, and get the most googly-eyed about happens to be yours truly.

Being single sucks.  After having been involved in several unhealthy relationships that went absolutely nowhere, I took some time off from dating to assess why all my relationships went from sugar to shit in 60 seconds or less.   The guys were all very different from one another, and the circumstances behind the dissolution of each relationship were varied.  This brought me to the sad realization that the only common denominator in these less than stellar relationships was me.  So, I decided to get to know me better, to figure out what I did and did not want from a relationship, and what I could do to improve myself so that even if I was never involved in another romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex, I’d still be happy with the woman I am.

Since I didn’t exactly have dudes busting down my door to wine and dine me, I had a lot of free time on my hands.  So, I started reestablishing and strengthening relationships with family and friends.  I read more books and articles, began watching TV shows my friends had been hyping, took up knitting, tried new recipes that I’d been holding onto for months, took myself out to some of the best restaurants in NYC, went to numerous happy hours and dinners with girlfriends (and a few guy friends), and even decided to hit the gym on a regular basis – something I had dreaded before.  Part of me felt like I should start doing all the things I’d always TALKED about, but never got around to doing because I was so wrapped up in a man.  After a few months, I discovered that my life was really enriched by all the new things I’d taken on.  I really liked the woman that I had become and had picked up some new skills and a slimmer body along the way.

I’d love to tell you that this all change my perspective about dating.  But you know what?  Being single still sucked.

I live in New York City, the center of everything – fashion, publishing, music, theater, food, etc. – and, believe me, it’s as great as people make it out to be.  Right before I left my hometown of DC to escape to Harlem in 2009, I felt I had exhausted the DC dating scene.  Don’t get me wrong, DC is cosmopolitan, cultural, and cute, but when it comes to dating, DC is a small country town.  In the months leading up to my relocation, three of my girlfriends started dating guys only to find out that I had already dated them!  Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but when you take into account that I haven’t dated many guys at all, the odds that I’d have overlapped with three of my girlfriends just seemed more pathetic than coincidental.  I was excited to come to NYC and take up residence in Manhattan.  Millions of people are crammed on this island.  That means that I should just be able to walk outside and run into a good dating candidate, right?


There are several fundamental issues with dating in NYC.  Here are a few (be mindful that this is not an comprehensive list):

1)   When I moved here, I considered myself to be young, hip, fun, single and ready to mingle, and couldn’t wait to be moving and shaking among other young, hip, fun, single and ready to mingle people.  The problem is that the NYC dating market is saturated with young, hip, fun singles, so it takes A LOT to stand out.  And, let’s face it, I’m more Girl Next Door than I am Cover Girl, so I was at a disadvantage from jump.  Because if there’s one thing that NYC has a lot of, it’s cover girls.  Like real cover girls (after all, it is the Model Capital of the world).  Hmph.

2)   NYC is expensive.  This makes dating hard for numerous reasons.  First, people work really hard here just to make ends meet.  Second, men come here to grind and stack a lot of paper, and that’s their singular focus.  I can’t blame them, but that makes it harder for them to concentrate on dating.  Plus, since – as we’ve established – NYC is expensive, they’re reluctant to make the financial commitment dating presents.  To have a decent night in NYC, you’re talking at least a Benjamin.  To have a good night, you’d need twin Benjies.  Who’s tryna do all that?!

3)   It’s hard to meet people here.  In smaller cities, if you’d like to hang out among a certain demographic, you know exactly where to go to find them.  For instance, in DC, there are let’s say five hot places where you know people will be on a Friday or Saturday night.  So, if you wanna hang out and meet people, then you know you need to go to one of those places.  In NYC, there are so many freakin’ spots to hang, there’s never a critical mass of quality people in any one place.  That makes it difficult to get access to the datable dudes unless you’re planning to meet someone at school, work, church, etc.  And since I am oh so done with school, every man I work with is gay, and I am a trifling backslider that has barely set foot in a church in 2012, that means that I’m probably not going to meet anyone in those venues.

I wish I could say that being single didn’t bother me, but the truth is that I want to get married.  And even more importantly, I want to have babies (preferably after I get married – ain’t no babymamas over here).  I need a partner who’s willing to live that dream with me and, unfortunately, he hasn’t come along yet.   But I’m still hopeful.  Until then, I’ll keep picking up new hobbies, taking advantage of cultural opportunities, refining my cooking skills, and hitting the gym in an attempt to stand out among the Cover Girls.  That way whenever HE comes along, he’ll just be a cherry on top of the already amazing life I have created for myself.


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