Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 1: “Lowkey Feelin’ Myself”


  1. Overall, I hate Issa’s style, but I love the t-shirts she wears. Like, I want to buy all of them. Lemme search the Google.
  2. I really enjoyed TSA Bae! “Welcome to a plus-sized [naker]!” completely slayed me, you hear me?! 🤣 I don’t appreciate the body-shaming some of y’all are doing either… there is a lane for a teddy bear in your life. Trust me on this… 😅
  3. The tv shows within the story line every season are all the hilarity! Remember that one season (I think it was season 2) with the historical drama (“I hate slavery!”)? This season, they have Lovita Alize Jenkins hosting a Dateline-style show called “Looking for LaToya,” complete with cameo appearances by Porsha and Ray-J tha God. And, I’m done. 😂
  4. Tiffany is trash. If I am your friend, then don’t let me be blindsided, sis. She was dead wrong for that. Even if Condola and Lawrence had one date, Issa and Lawrence were together FIVE YEARS! That’s significant af and deserved a mention to her “friend”. Ugh.
  5. Tiffany is also having the longest pregnancy evahhhh… When is she gonna drop that load already? 🤰 It’s her punishment for being stank.
  6. Kelli is my spirit animal. Everybody needs a Kelli on their squad. That is all. 🥰
  7. The whole time I thought Condola and Issa were gonna have their come-to-Jesus moment at the mixer, but it happened before that (thank God cause that would’ve been messy!). I don’t blame them for moving forward in their business relationship cause they invested a lot, but nah… we can’t be friends now. This is mad awkward. 🤦‍♀️
  8. I don’t dislike Lawrence. He could’ve acted a whole fool and/or lied when confronted, but he didn’t. That won him cool points in my mind. But he needs to bring back the beard stat. The bare-faced look is not for him. 👎
  9. Molly thought that she and her boo were exclusive without ever having a talk about being exclusive? Really??! Oh baby, no. 😫
  10. Funny how Molly was disturbed by #NewBoo dating other people but kept-on keeping-on with Dro even though he had a whole wife. Oh.  🙃
  11. Issa’s brother + Issa’s neighbor!! Definitely the highlights of this episode. I need to see more of both of them. 😍
  12. Molly is miserable. I am “The Direct Friend” a lot of times, so I understand being blunt with your people if you’re coming from a good place. She’s not coming from a good place. Issa is finally getting herself together (sorta)… Molly hates to see it. What type of friend is that? Toxic. ❌❌❌
  13. Paula Jai Parker has a lot of teeth. 😁 Also, last time we saw her she was living in a motel with her baby daddy on that reality show about has-beens. I know she was happy to get this Insecure check (and so was Lovita Alize Jenkins. Where has she been??)!
  14. This show has me missing the West Coast something awful. The views. The vibe. Sheesh. Check on your friends with wanderlust during this pandemic… we are NOT okay. 😔
  15. The soundtrack is consistently FIRE! 🔥 I will be downloading every song. Here’s a season 4 Spotify playlist! (You’re welcome.)

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