Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 2: “Lowkey Distant”

  1. Molly + #AsianBae. This won’t end well. Molly was being her usual pushy self, however I see a ton of red flags there. But… I was impressed with how he um… “takes the cake”. (It’s so weird to see Molly in a sex scene knowing she’s a virgin IRL (allegedly)).
  2. I hate Molly’s wigs and her makeup. Ugh. The bad hair and awful “nude” lip might be why her attitude is so funky.
  3.  #TSABae saying “booty button” took me OUT!! You hear me?! Also, “two babies… and a third on the way”? Meaning somebody out there is pregnant by him while he’s smashing Issa? Eek. Messy.
  4. And speaking of messy… that condom scene! I cannot! YUCK! “I’m not angry, but I’m disappointed”. Me too, girl!
  5. I feel like they’re very extra with the sex scenes this season. It’s almost gratuitous, especially the scenes between #TSABae and Issa. He seems to have no purpose other than sex. Then again, that’s real life sometimes… 
  6. I hate it when I have plans with a friend and they bring a tagalong. Molly and Issa just talked about how they needed to catch up and Issa invites Condi to crash their dinner. Then she put Molly on the spot like “Do you mind if she joins us?” Um… yes, I mind but thanks for putting me on the spot cause now I can’t SAY I mind for fear of being outed as the raging bitch that I am. lol. 
  7. Issa and Consequences are on the road to a real friendship it seems, but there is entirely too much keke’ing going on between two chicks who have knowingly shared the same man. Couldn’t be me! Also, I don’t wanna hear the details of your romantic weekend in the Ojai Valley… with my ex of 5 years. Sorry, not sorry. Idk how far this friendship can really go without things getting more awkward between them.
  8. Nawl @ this Lawrence and Issa meetup. I can actually see why Lawrence isn’t cool with his ex and current boos sharing info about him. But that should’ve been a conversation with Condola… why did he need to meet up with Issa in person? (Also, cute crop top/legging outfit, Issa!) The meetup was unnecessary and the text exchange and how eager they were to see each other (they were almost giddy!) seem like foreshadowing that reconciliation might be on the horizon this season.
  9. I can’t say that Lawrence was “wrong” for confronting Issa. Today, the topic is Lawrence likes mayo on fries… but maybe tomorrow it gets deep. Nip that in the bud if you can! My only question is why did Issa agree AND then follow-up with him to see if she should mention the meetup to Condi (her alleged “friend”)? 
  10. Speaking of Issa and Lawrence, their breakup happened in season 1. We’re now in season 4, which means we’ve known Issa and Lawrence broken up longer than we ever knew them together. Interesting how invested we are in their relationship with so little information about what it actually was like, lol.
  11. And Daniel… where he at? Also, where is Nathan? His character is trash, but the actor is fine, so I’d like to see him again lol.
  12. Tiffany is STILL pregnant, y’all?! But I loved her costume. Kelli as a character from BAPs… LIFE! And also what the hell was Issa’s Halloween costume? Anyone? I was confused, lol. (P.S. Giving toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters goes right along with Tiffany’s lame personality.)
  13. Derek… steals every scene he’s in, lol! I was glad to see him.
  14. Every time they show Molly at work it makes me SO happy that I’m not a practicing lawyer. Her work life seems like misery and her work outfits are mad inappropriate.
  15. “Business Chucks”… who has a pair? LOL

This show needs to be an hour at least. Okay, that’s it. What did y’all think? Let’s talk. #Insecure

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