Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 3: “Lowkey Thankful”

Last night had soooo many quotables. I could’ve taken up ALL the space with the one-liners. Let’s dive in! (And, yes, these are getting longer and longer. Sue me.)

*SPOILERS ahead*

1. “I don’t fugg with adult twins.” Screaming! 🤣

2. Lemme find out Wendy Raquel Robinson is Issa’s mama! All of the Steve Harvey cast is getting some work this season lol. Next season, Steve and Ced will be making appearances, lol. 😂

3. I hated Condola’s hair at Friendsgiving. 😒 When she said she was going upstairs to “finish” her hair, I expected an improvement. What she came back with looked worse. She should’ve left the scarf on. Something about her face in general also annoys me. 😑

4. Why did Lawrence LIE and say he could fix the sink? 🙄 Condola left the room and this fool logs directly into YouTube. “How to fix a sink.. For playas” was a whole mess. 😂

5. Whew lawd @ Condola’s friend, “Drunk Nikki”. We have all been Drunk Nikki at some point, right? Just me? Oh. 😬

6. By the way, Drunk Nikki spilt the tea and it was piping hot! 🐸 ☕️ She told us that Condola was married at one time (I don’t recall knowing that detail before now, but Lawrence didn’t seem surprised, so maybe I just missed that) and that this easy breezy relationship is just what she needs. 

7. Lawrence wasn’t feeling Drunk Nikki’s comment. 😂 But idk how “easy breezy” turned into “f*ck buddy” in his mind. At first I thought I missed Drunk Nikki saying those exact words because he was so adamant about it, but it turns out Lawrence projected all of that due to his own INSECURITY.

8. The divorce thing also kind of made sense because Condola’s house didn’t really seem like a single-person home. I mean, I guess those are my biases coming to the forefront, but I immediately felt like that kitchen was too nice for a single person in her age bracket, lmao. 🙈

9. Mexican Thanksgiving was lit! The food… the margaritas… the mariachi band. I miss eating in restaurants. *sigh* ☹️

10. I’m loving Issa’s relationship with her brother this season. 🥰 They’ve always had a tenuous relationship, but they seemed really warm toward each other in this episode.

11. Brother said: “That would’ve activated my petty.” Same! LOL

12. When Issa had her heart-to-heart with her brother and we finally got to hear her say what we’ve always known… “The person [Lawrence] is now is not the person he was with me… I got the nicca with potential… the work in progress… she is reaping all the benefits of his time with me.” Listen!! I felt that in my soul! 😩😩😩 I have said/thought those exact words at different times! Whether it was true or not (in my case OR in Issa’s case) isn’t really the point, it’s how it FEELS. I know what it’s like to feel that way. You waste your breath and energy trying to teach someone how to love you and they never get it right. Then you see the person finally do right by someone… and it’s not you. Whew chile! Triggered! LOL. 🤪

13. That’s why she’s always gonna answer his text! 🤦🏽‍♀️ More on that later, lol.

14. Gah, I love Issa’s brother! He dropped a few jewels in their short time together.

15. Molly’s Thanksgiving attire: Hated it! BUT… the bright spot was her manicure! 2-snaps in Z formation! 😍

16. The shade Molly’s mama threw at the brothers’ girlfriends had me rolling. Stripper shoes and Preggo-by-another-man… what a pair!

17. Molly’s brother read dat azz! About their daddy: “He’s a regular azz dude who f*cked up, he owned it, and he made it right.” So… let it go, sis, and stop being so damn miserable! 💯

18. The brothers are winning this episode… all of ‘em! And not just at Taboo! I’m a great Taboo player, by the way, lol. 😎

19. “Technically, I didn’t invite you.” YIKES!!! 😱 See, I knew I didn’t like Condola for a reason cause that bish is rude! Even if she didn’t “technically” invite Lawrence, she didn’t have to say that TO him. Sheesh! She ain’t so great anymore is she, bruh? 😌

20. “If anybody should be worried about an ex, it should probably be me.” AND “If she hadn’t [cheated] would you still be together?” 🤯 Oh reaaaally. Sooo… they’re just gonna lay it all out on the line and have a come to Jesus meeting post-Friendsgiving meal, huh? Turkey and wine will make you do crazy things, lol. 

21. That question about whether Lawrence and Issa would be together if she hadn’t cheated… that would’ve stumped me. 😳 If I were Lawrence, I wouldn’t know how to answer that question. Which is why he took a LONG very PREGNANT pause and we never heard an answer, lol. 

22. Speaking of pregnant… 🤰🏾 I was so happy to see that next episode the longest pregnancy ever will end and Tiff’s gonna finally drop that load! I know that baby is in there like “Give us freeeee!” 👶🏽 LOL

23. *sigh* Oh Issa. Ohhhhh Molly. If they don’t have a face-to-face, their friendship is headed straight down Irreparable Road. Normally, my beef is with Molly when it comes to their friendship, but in this episode, I wasn’t thrilled with how Issa handled Thanksgiving pie. 😏

24. Whatever Issa’s reasons for flaking, it was for the best that she didn’t pull up to Molly’s dinner because Molly needed those moments with her family to get rid of that monkey on her back about what her dad did. She wanted to use Issa as a buffer while she was with her family. Had Issa been there, Molly warming up to her dad would’ve never happened. All things happen for the good. 👍🏾

25. And didn’t I say last week that Issa and Lawrence’s reconciliation was on the table?! What did I say!? I knew it!!! He sent a laughing emoji to her FB story and she IMMEDIATELY started typing a response. This is how it starts! 🥴🥴🥴 *cue Mya’s “The Case of the Ex”* (once again, the soundtrack kills!)

Again, I will say, this show needs to be an hour… at least! So much to unpack with only 30 minutes of content! And quiet is kept, I missed the first 10 mins of the episode and didn’t go back to watch it because I had so much to cover based on what I *did* see. I know, I know. I’m going to re-watch tonight, lol. 🙃

Anyhoo, what did y’all think of the episode?

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