Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 4: “Lowkey Losin’ It”

Let’s talk about it! There’s so much to unpack within this 30 minutes of content. So let’s jump right in, shall we?!
1. Just when I was about to applaud Issa for getting her life together and being more responsible, her tenants show up to remind her that she ain’t ish! How you gonna be the property manager and let the water get turned off, sis? *smh* P.S. the neighbor and her son need to be regular cast members.

2. Molly, Molly, Molly. When Andrew shows up at her apartment and she did the “pit-sniff test” indicating she probably had let work get in the way of personal hygiene, I’m thinking, girl… you need to find a new job, lol. I swear that law firm life as depicted by Molly looks tragic. All I know is if my boo told me “give me til 9:00” and then came to bed at 1:42 a.m… Houston, WE would have a PROBLEM. But Andrew is trying to keep it easy breezy, I guess, and was wit it even at the crack of dawn. He’s better than me. 

3. I don’t know why Molly keeps playing herself with this dating thing. Girl, WHY did you think that you could keep pushing Andrew away and using work as an excuse for the distance and that he wasn’t going to ever feel a way about how you’ve been acting? He told her that it takes awhile for him to open up. So the whole time she thinks he “doesn’t mind” what she’s doing, he’s actually just not saying anything. That doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. For her to assume that just because she designates in her mind a night where “I’m all yours” that it’s also going to be a night where he’s all hers… silly, rabbit! Bottomline, Molly likes to be in control and she wants everything – friendships, relationships, etc., to be on her time and her terms. Naw, that’s not how this works, homey.

4. Issa pretending to be her own assistant had me in stitches. What entrepreneur hasn’t done that before? LOL. It’s in this scene that we see the shot of Issa’s phone showing Canola… I mean, Condola, lol… hasn’t been responsive to Issa in the last few days. Given last episode’s post-Friendsgiving Come to Jesus Meeting in the kitchen with Lawrence… what’s up with Condola’s shade? It’s not that she just forgot or is too overwhelmed cause people keep making a point to say Miss Ice Queen has it ALL together professionally… or so it seems.

5. The conversation between Molly and the sistas at her firm about BJ (“I actually go by Bennett now”) and their personal lives was real, lol. First of all, I died at them essentially putting “mentor” in air quotes on some “is that what they’re calling it now?” LOL. Their line of thinking about Bennet only dating “Abigails” because he eats salads and went to Princeton… where is the lie? LMAOOO.

6. And lol @ the more senior lawyer saying her kids were probably at home eating pie crust (I hope it was cooked lol) and the other lawyer saying that she didn’t understand her teacher-husband’s poor attitude: “How are you miserable and you get summers off?!” LOL

7. Oh boy @ the parking space battle between Issa and Molly. This is a metaphor for the current state of their friendship and foreshadowing about what’s to come. They literally don’t fit into the same space anymore. They’re also kinda playing a game of chicken to see who’s going to make the first move about the confrontation they need to have and neither one of them is ready to budge.

8. Also, let’s be clear, neither of them wants to continue with Self-Care Sunday. “Sundays don’t seem to work anymore.” Really? The way their voices both went up two octaves when they agreed to keep it going indicates phoniness. And didn’t Issa’s brother just tell her she didn’t have to do stuff she doesn’t wanna do just because she’s “supposed to”? Just say no, sis.

9. Nathan is back!! I just asked for him a couple episodes ago. I’m happy we might get to see him again but he was definitely on some BS with that lil voicemail. Go away, kind sir! I can’t wait to see where this goes…

10. Tiffany FINALLY gave birth, thank you Jesus! Simone is the most gorgeous baby! That conversation with Derrick and Lawrence was REAL SPIT! “Every woman is a daughter.” Well, yes. Yes, we are. DUH. Why is it some men only see women as human once they’ve had a daughter? Trash. But real.

11. I also liked that Derrick was honest about the fact that he and Tiffany hadn’t actually planned this pregnancy and would have to make sacrifices like not traveling or buying a house on their original timeline because of the baby. However, he confirmed that Simone was ultimately worth those sacrifices… I think it was eye-opening for Lawrence to see people he thought had it all together really don’t (as is usually the case!).

12. Speaking of Derrick, last week I said that Derrick steals every scene he’s in… I meant CHAD! Not Derrick, lol. Apologies for that error and I’m giving all honor and praise to he who truly deserves it, and that’s CHAD, lol.

13. Whew, chile, that scene where the gals are folding laundry and Tiffany is giving them the real about being a new mother was hella authentic. She looks like she’s hanging on by a thread even her voice was tired, lol! I also appreciated them throwing in the detail about Tiffany having a blood clot after the delivery and Derrick having to advocate on her behalf. Black women’s maternal health and lack of quality care during the labor and delivery process and recovery period are issues that deserve some attention. “Can you Yelp review a maternity ward?” (I love Kelli! LOL)

14. “Damn Jada, I see you out here Red Table talkin’!” Listen here, I knoooowww Molly ain’t out here trying to play the role of Iyanla, Fix My Life. Lawd, I hate it when a woman FINALLY gets a man to stay with her for more than 48 hours and all of a sudden becomes a relationship expert. Chick, if you don’t get tf outta here! LOL. Issa’s joke was funny, but Molly seemed to take it as an attack. Further indication that this friendship is in a bad-bad place.

15. The conversations between Molly/Tiffany and Issa/Kelli were so silly! Why can’t y’all ask these questions of EACH OTHER instead of having to ask your other friends if they know what’s wrong. Just talk to each other already! Sheesh! Sadly, I’ve been in this situation and I understand feeling more comfortable talking to everyone else except the person you should be talking to. Tiff and Kels offered some very mature advice, too. Will Molly and Issa listen? (No.)

16. While Kelli and Issa are talking, Lawrence walks in the room and Kelli says “Look at Lawrence over there, looking like a provider… looking employed.” I hollered! That might’ve been the one-liner of the night. Kelli is full of those and she wasn’t lying, either, lol.

17. The scene with Issa and Lawrence grinded my gears!! I HATE it when a character is about to tell another character something important and then somehow they’re interrupted and when we come back to their conversation, the person is just like “oh never mind… it wasn’t that important.” Um… yes, it was!! In real life, I’m not letting that person off the hook. I will do all I can to jog their memory, cause I wanna know and we’re not leaving here til you tell me! Grrr! 

18. What do you think Lawrence wanted to tell her? *I* think he wanted to tell her that he broke up with Condola after the Come to Jesus Meeting and that’s why Condola is ghosting her. BUT, I also considered that maybe he and Condola mutually decided that she should no longer be cool with Issa so that Condola and Lawrence could work on their relationship. Honestly, this scenario could go either way, but I’ve decided Lawrence DEFINITELY has something to do with why Condola is acting funny.

19. Tiffany’s wig was dreadful this episode. That said, Molly’s bob and makeup seemed to have gotten better… while her personality and friendship skills have gotten progressively worse.

20. I need Issa’s NWA tee. *heads to Google* Also, LOL @ Issa getting so desperate for a headliner that she tried to DM Beyonce talking about “Hey girl, I know you’re busy but…” SIS! Beyonce ain’t answering your DM. LMFAO!!

21. Revisiting poor friendship skills… this phone call between Issa and Molly was so ridiculous! Jesus! At first I really believed Molly was the main culprit in the disintegration of this friendship, but now I see that Issa is a trash friend, too! I understand Issa’s in a bind, but if you know you’re not in a good place with your girl, you don’t call and ask for a favor AND before doing so, completely brush off whatever she was trying to say to you! C’mon, boo. Be better cause right now you are… TRASH. BAGS.

22. I was actually really relieved to see how Molly softened when she first thought Issa was calling to patch things up (but how self-centered was it for her to just launch into her work problems?). Goes to show that Molly likes their friendship when she can dump all her problems on Issa, lol. Wack! But then Issa turned out to be wacker! LOL. It’s obvious Molly still cares for Issa. For example, I think the reason she was being so stank about Issa and Lawrence reconnecting is because she doesn’t want Issa to be hurt again and being forced to take that roller coaster ride by association. Then again, it’s ALSO because Molly has never had a relationship really so she doesn’t understand the dynamics of being in that gray area with a long-time ex. She even tells Andrew later in the episode that she’s never been in a relationship long enough to have to fit someone into her life. Wow. That explains A LOT about her behavior. 

23. I also thought it was kind of sad that Molly immediately went into question-mode about what Issa probably did wrong to cause her headliner to drop out of the block party. It goes back to what Issa told Kelli during their 1:1 “I think [Molly] just sees me how she sees me.” And once someone sees you one way are they ever able to see you another way? (Side bar: I also wonder if Condo played into Issa losing the headliner. Sabotage? Hmm…)

24. *smh* @ Issa assuming Molly was going to come through for her. And *smh* even harder at Molly for deciding not to help her. I feel like Molly’s excuse of wanting to keep business and pleasure separate was just that… an excuse. And a weak one at that. It was nice to see Molly let down her guard and be honest, direct, and vulnerable with Andrew (why can’t she do that with Issa?) and I do understand why she wouldn’t want to ask anything more of him given what they’re going through. But I also get that Issa doesn’t 100% understand the dynamics of the Molly/Andrew situation, so how could she have really known how uncomfortable that request would’ve been? A little honesty from Molly would’ve been good here.

25. When Molly and Issa hung up in their last conversation, Issa said “I’ve got work to do” and Molly said “Yeah, me too.” TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN! Y’all both have A LOT of work to do… on YOURSELVES. Get to it, friends (in my head, lol)!

So many dynamics! Did I miss anything? What else did you notice? Also, can anyone help me remember how Issa and Nathan met? Weren’t Nathan and Andrew (#AsianBae) co-workers? So Nathan has the same Live Nation network (presumably) and could possibly help Issa with this block party, too, right? Which meannnnsss… “Hey big head” text coming in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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