Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 5: “Lowkey Movin’ On”


1. Much of the fashion on this show is the 90s all over again and Issa I thank you for giving me the idea to cop a Waiting to Exhale shirt because that is my movie! A classic! I can quote scenes verbatim, lol. Thanks to Google, I have already secured mine. I got a Boomerang tee while I was at it. I’m not playing with y’all heauxs. The 90s were lit and considering how 2020 has turned out for us, I’m ready to go back.

2. NATHAN!!! I have been asking for him all season and I knew he was coming back eventually. Just last week I predicted that Issa would reach out to him to get help with the block party (I was right! But I’m not here to gloat. Sike! I totally am… lmfao!). When she hit Nathan with the “What are you still doing up?” I’m like naw girl that comes off as TOO familiar; this is leading us down the wrong path! He responded immediately though! They don’t make anybody wait for responses on this show. Are people really out here responding to texts in the moment? (I do not, so don’t expect that from me, lol.) As excited as I was to hear Nathan’s voice (ooooo, that voice!), his little scenes did nothing for me. His beard is looking… patchy. No bueno.

3. In episode one when Issa was telling someone on the phone that she no longer fuggs with Molly… there was a lot of speculation about who she was talking to. Last night, we learned it was Nathan! What?! I did not see that coming. Sad how these girls are more straightforward with the men in their lives than they are with each other.

4. Then we turn around and see Molly be straight up with #AsianBaewhen she tells him about Issa “I love her but I don’t really like her right now.” That was interesting… we’ve all been there (or at least I have). But WHY does she feel that way? That’s what we all wanna know. 

5. I want Molly to stop with this BS about being Issa’s “best friend”. She is not any type of friend to her and certainly not a “best” friend. She was legit dreading the block party… like would’ve skipped it if not for the expectation she would attend because she is the “best” friend. Girl, you ain’t have to go… especially if she was going to piss on her parade! More on that later.

6. Molly does not deserve #AsianBae. He is so much more mature and level-headed than she is. When we finally get to the block party, #AsianBae was giving Issa her props on a well-executed event. Even Molly’s hatin azz had to agree with him, but she did so reluctantly. And she probably wouldn’t have acknowledged the dopeness of the event if he hadn’t done it first.

7. And speaking of this “block party”… I don’t know what I pictured in my head when Issa kept talking about a block party, but this wasn’t it. When she first started talking about it, I felt like Kelli (“She wants to do what? Why? Where? For what purpose? And again, why?!” LMAO!) But our good sis threw a major event, y’all, with vendors and live performances… the works! It was lit! I kept looking at those scenes and thinking “damn, this is a fancy block party.” It also made me miss the outside. One day we’ll bring back these types of events… maybe. (Damn you, Rona!)

8. I laughed a little too hard at the scene with the spoken word artist. I’ve been following Issa ever since the Awkward Black Girl YouTube series and there was this scene in Awkward Black Girl where this white guy Issa was dating took her on a date to an open mic night for spoken word. Issa’s character “J” says “Rap and poetry had a baby called spoken word and I wish I could abort it.” LISTEN! I hollered at that! It’s mainly funny cause it’s true. I cannot stand spoken word either, and I love the way she consistently makes fun of it, lmao.

9. Really, Canola? You’re gonna have the NERVE to show up at this event after you ghosted Issa for weeks?! No, ma’am! Everyone was always making a point to emphasize that Condola was on-point professionally, but how unprofessional is it to be incommunicado for weeks up to the day of an event you had been co-planning for months. And you felt the need to disappear because you and Lawrence “broke up”. The same Lawrence that “wasn’t invited” to your Friendsgiving? The one who did NOT accompany you on a romantic couples weekend to Ojai Valley? (So who were you with?) You mean THAT Lawrence? Were you even “together”? And what does ANY of that have to do with the commitment you made to Issa? Condi is a trash weirdo and I’m over her character. Bye, ashy!

10. Speaking of Lawrence, where was he? I would think he’d show up to show Issa support, especially since it seemed like they were on a good path last week. I guess Issa wasn’t too concerned because she didn’t look like she missed a beat without him. The only people who brought him up were Condi (eye roll), Tiffany and Derrick. Other than that, Larry was an afterthought. But if he hits up Issa to inquire about how the event went, imma need her to leave him on read for a few days. 

11. And my girl Tiffany is going through some ch-ch-changes with this baby. She is so dry just in general, but this baby has made her even more soulless than usual! (When she patted her wig cause her head was itching, I had to laugh… what black girl with fake hair and/or who’s been waiting for a relaxer touch-up hasn’t done that before? LMFAO) Thank God for Derrick. I was totally surprised at how easily he chose to relieve the babysitter and leave Tiffany there, lol. I’m interested in seeing whether they give us more insight into this storyline because I think Tiffany may be suffering from postpartum depression. Another very real phenomenon more people should be discussing.

12. “Niccas always stepping and repeating.” OMG, when they were doing the different poses, including the jail poses… who can pass a step and repeat and not act a fool? Not me! LOL. 

13. I LOVE KELLI, y’all! This fake-ass British accent had me DYING! It’s so funny to me that the script pits Kelli and Issa’s brother against each other because they would be a dynamic duo FOR SURE. The way he was questioning her in front of prospective bae “So… where in England are you from?” *death stare* “I’m from Poppycock.” LMFAO! How many folks have started off with a lie and then couldn’t follow through with it? Like giving a fake name in the club and later when a dude calls you by that name you don’t respond because you forgot you lied and told him your name was something else. Anyone? No. Just me? Oh.

14. When Kelli’s boo said “We have two branches of government . The first is called the presidential branch and the other is the bank branch. It’s called Bank of America. It’s where all the money in America is kept and that’s why there’s so many of them. [even wronger!!!]! Y’all, this fool said IT’S CALLED BANK OF AMERICA!!! I cannot. I literally can’t! And to think there are people out here that are this dumb, lol.

15. Issa’s prime time event even had a little VIP area where she bumps into Thug Yoda aka the Blood Neighbor who turns all words that start with C into words that start with B (for “blood”… get it?). I love that she brings him back from time to time and I loved him as “Baby Voice Darius” in Awkward Black Girl. He is one of my faves. 

16. In the VIP area is where we first meet Vince Staples who is the headliner for this event. But the only time I’ve ever heard his name is on the Joe Budden Podcast because he calls in from time to time. I have never heard his music, had no clue what he looked like, and did not realize he was a big enough “star” to be considered a headliner. Then again this is still a block party (albeit a nice one!), so I guess it’s not that far-fetched that he would be considered a “headliner” for that level of event. Personally, I would consider Sir (and his awful lip-singing) a bigger star and he was relegated to an opening act at the block party. Rude. Then again, I’m probably just showing my age here lol. I’m sure Vince is huge among millenials, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

17. Poor Issa. She is in the midst of this really awesome event that SHE created and all she can see is what’s going WRONG and not all the many things that are going RIGHT. I am SO guilty of this. We are our own worst critics. At any rate, I’m really proud of what she created. This vague idea turned into something really amazing for Issa and her (rapidly gentrifying: “What am I supposed to do with all these white people and how do they always find us?!”) community.

18. So as I said, Molly gets to the event and sees what Issa has pulled off and had to give her some props, but oooo she hated to see it! Still, I saw her visibly soften toward Issa in a few moments. First, when she brought her the wings. That was sweet, but also seemed rather half-hearted. And here we go with yet ANOTHER instance where an important moment is about to be shared and it’s interrupted by some third-party (grinds my gears!). I’m sitting there thinking… if they don’t hurry up and talk! Just say what’s on your minds! Ugh!

19. The show gets started with the dance contest (when the old man hit the split and the host yelled “Is there an ibuprofen in the house?!” I cackled because I could relate on so many levels, lmao) and then the DJ warmed up the crowd with everybody’s favorite: the Wobble. Y’all! #AsianBae can Wobble! I’m telling you, Molly doesn’t deserve him. *smh* And the Wobble was the second time that night that I saw Molly soften toward Issa. Aww… just look at how a line dance brings people together! In that moment, I definitely thought our girls were on the right path and then… well, y’all know how it ends lol.

20. As I was watching the Wobble scene I was thinking “damn, that’s a lot of people… I wonder if/when something is going to pop off.” And then I felt guilty for thinking that. But I shouldn’t have felt guilty at all because just then, something popped off. LOL. I rolled my eyes at that scene for being so cliche, but hey… stuff like that happens at events everyday, B, so I can’t be too mad at Issa and ‘nem for depicting it. *shrug* And the crazy thing is, that wasn’t even what ruined the event. Instead it was Hurricane Molly showing up in a jumpsuit as ugly as her spirit, blowing through the crowd and ruining everything for everybody!

21. Okay, first lemme say this. Molly was flat-out wrong. She was wrong because idc what Issa did, The blow-up was a long time coming, but… it could’ve waited until another time. This was Issa’s moment and Molly should have let her have that IF she was a real friend. Second, Issa was NOT wrong for going to Nathan for help with getting a headliner. Molly set her random “boundary” with Issa that made her uncomfortable with mixing “business” with “pleasure”. Fine, SHE didn’t want to ask Andrew, but Issa knew somebody else who would. Issa didn’t violate the boundary that Molly had set – she kept her out of it. I don’t think she was wrong for asking Nathan to help and Andrew clearly didn’t think it was a problem to do the favor. I do know some folks have a policy that you should NEVER speak to “their man” behind their backs. What do y’all think?

22. Does anyone else find it weird that Andrew never brought up to Molly that he made a call on Issa’s behalf? Are Molly and #AsianBae still keeping their relationship on the surface and not discussing the details of their day-to-day? Cause I guarantee my boo would’ve BEEN told me he pulled some strings to help out my “best friend” with an event she was throwing. But that’s me and mine. Molly and hers need to get it together. And why was HE apologizing for helping Issa? If anything, Molly needed to apologize for her behavior and man oh man was I irked by Molly’s righteous indignation. Bish, you’re wrong! She got in Issa’s face, called her a “selfish bitch”, had her finger all in her face… she was trying to fight and cause a scene at what is essentially the woman’s place of work. Unacceptable. And I’m done with her. 

23. Molly doesn’t really give a damn about her relationship with Andrew at all nor does she feel betrayed. Her real issue here is that she gets off on being the friend who has it all together and who rescues the friend who’s always been a mess. And on her power trip she decided not to help Issa and she was pissed TF off when Issa found a way to help herself without Molly’s assistance. Hear me out here… by Issa working this out without Molly’s help and in spite of Molly’s attempts to block her, she upset the balance of their “friendship”. Molly felt threatened. She felt like she wasn’t needed, so she created a scene to draw attention to herself because that’s what she likes — being the center of Issa’s world and having the power to upset her and make her feel “less than”. 

24. This goes back to what Issa said in a previous episode: “I just think [Molly] sees me how she sees me.” And this little incident just shows you that people HATE it when you finally break out of the box they try to put you in.

25. In spite of everything I just said and as much as I hate Molly’s piss-poor attitude, I can relate to Molly in this episode. Unfortunately, I have been through a best friend breakup and our dynamics were very similar to the Molly/Issa relationship. A lot of what they’re experiencing is cringe worthy for me because I’ve been there done that. As a reforming perfectionist, it’s so hard to sit back and observe someone else who has it even less together than you do. And watching them live out their mistakes and then relying on you to help them fix it is… frustrating and sometimes even infuriating. And sometimes the person you love the most can set you off in ways that nobody else can. Whew chile. #triggered! I like to think I’ve worked on some parts of me that caused me to react/respond in certain ways and that I’m a better friend now. But I’ve still got work to do. #MomentofTransparency

When I went to order the Waiting to Exhale t-shirt, I saw that the bottom of the shirt says “Friends are the people who let you be yourself… and never let you forget it.” That’s a loaded statement. And isn’t it ironic considering all the dynamics at play here? It’s all in the details, honey! Even the clothing sends a message, lol.

Okay, that’s it. What did I forget? Let’s talk about it.

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