Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 6: “Lowkey Done”

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It’s recap time!

You may not know this, but I write these recaps after viewing the episode one time and one time only because I want to share my initial thoughts without giving myself the time and space to overanalyze. What that means is sometimes I miss stuff and I might have to come back to it later once I’ve had a chance to marinate on it. 

1. With that said, I want to start by revisiting an issue from a previous episode. Molly told Issa that she “might” be bringing Andrew to the block party and Issa seemed genuinely surprised to hear that he would be her “plus one”. Molly tells Issa (and I quote!) “Andrew works at Live Nation so BLOOP… you know important people, too”. So what I’m saying, y’all, is that Molly was the one who put the bug in Issa’s ear about Andrew being “connected”. And when her headliner fell through, Issa reached out to Molly (after exhausting every other possible contact in her phone and circling back to Molly as a last resort(!)) and said essentially “My headliner fell through but I found an artist repped by Live Nation, so can you reach out to Andrew to ask him to help me book them?” She should’ve added on the end “like you SAID you would do!” since Molly had actually invited her to do it. In my opinion, it was a perfectly reasonable assumption for Issa to think her “best friend” would’ve helped her out by using a contact that she made sure she knew she had. I’m now even more convinced that Molly was in the wrong in this situation. She might not have liked how Issa moved, but she didn’t have to ruin that girl’s event over a situation that she created herself with her mixed messages and petty jealousy.

2. Initially, I felt like this episode was kind of a “throw-away” episode because nothing of note really “happened”. After I had some time to process it, I’m realizing that this episode was actually really poignant. How so? Well, to start, Issa normally deflects with comedy (awkward as it may be!) and is constantly on joke time. In this episode, we see Issa interacting with only Issa (and Mirror Issa! LOL). She’s not playing off the other “main” characters in the show. She’s taking some time alone to reflect on what by all accounts was a job well-done and also being introspective and thoughtful about Molly’s accusations. This episode showed us another side of Issa, which was needed.

3. Speaking of Molly… Boy oh boy did she get inside Issa’s head! Her blowup did a number on poor Issa. So here we are, post-a super successful event, and instead of basking in the glory of what she pulled off, Issa is sitting around questioning whether what Molly said about her is true. Issa’s actions in this episode prove just how much power Molly has in their relationship. Issa literally spent the episode trying to prove to herself that she isn’t who Molly says she is.

4. First, we see Issa wake up the day after her really great event looking sad, which is… tragic, really. She has flashbacks of her fight with Molly and sheesh that really hit home for me. How many times have I gotten into arguments with people and then later ran through them over and over again in my head thinking of all the things I should have said that would’ve really burned?! LOL. Too many times, that’s how many times, lol. 

5. Then, Issa gets up and hits the bathroom and she gets some insight from “Mirror Issa” (Mirror Issa is hilarious, btw, and makes quite a few appearances this episode) who encourages her to take care of herself. From her “conversation” with Mirror Issa, real-life Issa settles on having Self-Care Sunday by herself. This is important because she and Molly both committed to continuing Self-Care Sunday. Now after the blowup, they obviously can’t do it together, and I was pleased to see Issa carry on with it even though she had to do it by herself.

6. Issa gets a phone call from Nathan wanting to check in with her because the event went well. Because Issa is now so concerned about being a user, she is feeling Nathan out to see if he believes she’s taken advantage of him. He said no… and that if she needed help, he wanted to help because guess what? That’s what friends do. Well, shit. That IS what friends do, ain’t it Nathan?! And again, this drives home the point that Molly is not being a real friend to Issa right now.

7. So next, Issa hits the supermarket where we see that despite the success of her event, she’s still broke! Po’ thang. Literally. LOL! In fact, she’s SO broke that the charity-case preggo chick begging for hand-outs ends up taking pity on Issa and walking away from her while she’s struggling to pay for both their groceries, lol. Lemme just say here that when Issa saw the pregnant girl begging in the line and put her head down to keep a low profile, I had to chuckle because I’ve done that more than a few times in my life on some “Maybe if I look away, they won’t see me!” LOL!

8. This brings me to another point or really the reiteration of my previous point: Issa just had a successful event… and she’s still broke! LOL! I was wondering how much people get paid for throwing block parties. Whatever is the going rate, apparently, it’s less than $153.86 (or whatever the grocery bill was, lol).

9. About the block party – not sure if y’all know this, but… Issa and crew used actual small businesses that they frequent as the block party vendors in those scenes. I saw a friend of a friend’s post saying that her business was selected to participate. She said it was cold af that day and the shooting took forever. Eek, lol. Anyway, I thought that was a really cool detail.

Moving on… 

10. So next, we meet George. Listen, y’all. I love my black elders! They keep me in stitches because they will say ANYTHING! Some of my favorite lines from George:
“I don’t take no Lyfts and Bubers!”
“I don’t hit ladies, but I’ll slap a bish to defend myself!”
“If you gonna give a nicca help, then help a nicca!”

Whew, chile! George was golden! When he started giving the rundown of him and his boys at the now defunct club they drove past, he said “I caught many a train in there… and I don’t mean Amtrak!” Sir, if you don’t sit down, lol.

11. Okay, so y’all do know that Issa picked up George because she was again trying to prove she was a “good” person and that she wasn’t the user that Molly said she was? Yeah, that’s what that was. Also, did y’all catch that George was the classic “father who never came home from the store”? In the car, he was looking at an old picture of the house that Issa drove him to. And when he got to the store, a grown man answered and said “DAD?!”surprised as hell to see him standing on that stoop. LOL! I’m telling you, there’s a nugget in every scene of this show.

12. As part of Self-Care Sunday, Issa took the wine she bought and rolled solo to a Paint & Sip event. Kudos to her for attending an event alone. I know a lot of people who still don’t feel comfortable doing this — me included, lol. When Issa arrives at the Paint & Sip, she encounters a group of chicks from DC/PG County (I gagged @ the “Pretty Girl County” reference… spare me!) one of whom happened to be Kyla Pratt. I’m happy to see she’s also getting a check. It’s a lot of folks out here eating off these lil 30-min episodes, lol. Anyhoo… It’s here that we see Issa trying to articulate what it is that she “does” and she comes up with the term “Culture Curator”, which is another term for “I don’t have a job”, lmao. Nah, I’m joking. Sorta. While I truly despise the words “curate” and “curator” outside of a museum context, I liked that Issa found the words to say what she does. If you wanna make it happen, you’ve gotta speak it! And she truly felt validated when the DC girls gave her some positive reinforcement about being “the plug”. Like, she was glowing off their acknowledgement… in the wake of her fight with Molly, she was starving for some ego strokes, poor thing. And it always means more for some reason when unbiased folks give you credit, so I know it felt good to see that strangers were impressed about what she’d done.

13. I was really excited about the DMV shout out. (It’s about time we got some shine since both Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji spent significant amounts of time in the DC area when they were growing up.) But did they have to do us dirty like that!? It turns out the DC girls “dined and dashed” leaving broke-ass Issa with the bill. WHY DID THE DC GIRLS HAVE TO BE SCAMMERS?! That was some B.S., man. Giving us good DMV folks a bad name out here in these insecure streets, lol.

14. In the scene where Issa ran up on the girls and broke that painting over their heads, I almost stood up and cheered! And then… we see that it was all just a fantasy and I was SO PISSED. Issa is such a punk. She never stands up for herself. Have you ever noticed that anytime she is forced to confront someone her voice drops down to a whisper and she almost always mumbles something under her breath instead of just saying what she feels? All her “outbursts” (except the block party) where she gives people a piece of her mind are fantasies and in real life she just rolls over and plays dead. Girl… speak up!! Say something! At the very least, she should’ve rolled up on that bachelorette party and cussed them tf out. Instead, she just drove right by. Ugh. Grow a pair, Issa. Seriously!

15. When Issa showed up at the door of… someone… I just knew she was running to Lawrence or even Daniel because in that moment it would’ve made perfect sense for her to run to a past lover. But no, it wasn’t Larry or Danny. Instead, Issa went home to her mama and I was so happy to see that. This move was huge for a number of reasons. Issa’s family (aside from Ahmal, who I still love!) has kind of been a footnote in the show, so it was good to see that she does have a family support system, although it doesn’t appear to be as “cohesive” as Molly’s. Also, yasss to Mommy hugs! How do moms just know when you need them? Issa leaned into that hug and fell apart! I feel you, girl! Mom hugs will definitely do that to ya! Been there! In that moment, Issa truly felt defeated and I’m grateful she found solace in her mom and that her mother was there to lift her up. Her mother said some things to Issa that I’m sure Issa didn’t even realize she needed to hear. Her “talents” are somewhat unconventional and she f*cks up a lot, and to know her mom has seen good traits in her for a long time was affirmation Issa desperately needed. 

16. The conversation with her mom also gave her the chance to clear up some miscommunication (miscommunication is definitely a running theme in this show). Issa thought she’d overheard her mother saying some years before that she was a mess with her “hands in too many pots”. Her mom clarified and said that she wasn’t trying to say Issa was a mess… she was trying to say that Issa had many talents and she needed to hone in on that. I am guessing that ever since Issa heard her mom say that many years ago, she had decided to believe that about herself… that she was a mess, unfocused, etc. She interpreted it negatively, received it negatively, and internalized it, which ultimately led her to live out that belief that she was messy and all over the place. And then to hear Molly reiterate what she already believed about herself, I’m sure was really tough to experience. How freeing it must have been to find out that she’s gotten it all wrong. It’s really crazy how you can think you’ll feel differently about yourself if only “this” or “that” could just happen already. Then that “thing” happens (in Issa’s case the thing was the block party) and it doesn’t do much to quell your insecurities. Man…

17. And then we come to the end. Issa decides to get some food and hits up the same Ethiopian restaurant that she and Molly go to in an earlier season (I think it was season 1). In a full-circle moment, she walks up to the door and sees… Molly… sitting alone at the counter. We know how Issa has spent the day processing the events at the block party, but how Molly is handling the situation remains a mystery. And yes again… Issa punks out. Like, girl… go inside and have that Come to Jesus meeting already! Tell her you’re pissed at her for trying to sabotage the block party bag. Shout at her. Throw some injera and tibs in her face! Do SOMETHING! Instead, she turns and walks away. *smh* Girl, boo.

18. I noticed that on the way back to the car, Issa looked into her reflection in the window of the restaurant and Mirror Issa didn’t have any words of wisdom for her this time. I wonder what that means. Mirror Issa had something to say in every other scene, but in this moment, she was silent. Makes you wonder…

19. It was interesting to me that Kelli was calling Issa repeatedly throughout the episode and Issa wouldn’t answer. Issa answered the calls coming from her brother and from Nathan, but not the call from Kelli… at least not until very late in the episode. I suspect it was because she knew that Kelli was going to do exactly what she did, which was encourage Issa to address her issues with Molly. Let’s not forget that Kelli and Tiffany were at this point in their friendship last season and they seem to have found their way back. (Speaking of my boo Kelli… what a friend! We have seen more scenes of her holding Tiffany’s baby than we’ve seen of Tiffany holding her baby. And she seems way more concerned about Molly and Issa than either Molly or Issa, lol.) As my mom always says, you can learn from other people’s mistakes, you don’t have to make them yourself. Tiffany and Kelli have been giving some really sound advice this season and Issa and Molly could learn from them, but they ain’t listening, y’all.

20. Still, I have to say that I really felt Issa when she said she is tired of being the one to reach out first. I have been there before and most times I’m cool with extending the olive branch but sometimes it’s tiring af to be the bigger person. Sometimes… I really am good with being small, lol. I also think this tug of war points to the power dynamic between Molly and Issa. In the past, it seems that Issa is the one who reaches out first to make amends because she always NEEDS Molly before Molly needs her (to Molly’s point!). Then again, in the previous episode, Issa told Nathan doesn’t f*ck with Molly. And the title of this episode is “Lowkey Done”. So maybe we’re just seeing Issa finally deciding to close the book on this chapter of her life that was their friendship. Sometimes, it’s just time.

Finally, can we talk about Issa’s glow up? Her skin is flawless! And she’s lost a lot of weight from the first season. She looks really great. Good for her!

I sure had a lot to say for an episode where “nothing happened” huh? LOL. What did I forget to talk about? Did I miss anything?Listen to this episode from According to Kelli! on Spotif

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