Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 7: “Lowkey Trippin”

Hey y’all! Happy Monday! Let’s talk about what we loved, what we hated, and other random thoughts about last night’s episode of Insecure.

1. Well, the title of Episode 7 is “Lowkey Trippin”. Does this refer to the fact that Molly stays trippin or is it more about Molly taking a TRIP… a baecation with #AsianBae, in fact?  My guess is it’s a double-entendre because both points are relevant. Molly is definitely always lowkey trippin, lol.

2. The episode starts by showing us that Molly is annoying even when placing an order at a restaurant (surprise surprise) and we also find out that Molly actually DID see Issa at the restaurant, but she tried to play it off like she didn’t. Lame.  What struck me about this scene was that it was clear Molly expected Issa to extend the olive branch yet again. But at the end of episode 6 Issa told Kelli that she was tired of being the bigger person and always having to apologize first and I guess she really meant that because she did not go inside and she did NOT apologize. Molly was genuinely surprised.

3. Molly heads back home to #AsianBae, who is there having a conversation with his brother about their upcoming couples trip to Mexico. Molly’s in a mood because she’s disappointed that Issa “ran from her like an actual job” (eek). What a thing to say about your “best friend”. Here’s a key difference in Molly and Issa’s responses: when Issa left the restaurant, she went home, lit a fat one and got into her bag, responding to the positive feedback she received online about the block party and finally basking in the glory of having pulled off a successful event. Meanwhile, Molly is so bothered by the fact that Issa didn’t apologize to her that she didn’t even have the energy to take off that bad-ass pair of MCM boots. It’s interesting to note that Issa couldn’t enjoy the afterglow of her successful event without thinking about Molly. And later in the episode, Molly couldn’t enjoy her baecation without talking about Issa and Andrew had to check her like “Is Issa here or nah? So shut up.” (I’m paraphrasing! LOL!) They are haunting each other.

4. Molly’s work-life is wack!. The fact that she had to try to squeeze in work before she left on her vacation made me sad. To make matters worse, she was already under stress trying to fit everything in before their flight, and then here comes her admin fuggin up. There is nothing worse than admin support that is anything but supportive when their role is to make your job easier, not harder. But eek @ Molly’s tone and delivery. Tacky as usual.

5. Molly and #AsianBae are a good match and the actors have good chemistry. In my opinion, watching this relationship play out is important for a few reasons: (1) representation – usually when you see an interracial relationship portrayed on tv, it’s a white person + an “other”… I like that they chose to highlight an interracial pairing that isn’t commonly portrayed on TV (2) in her book “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”, Issa caught a lot of flack for dedicating a whole chapter to the reasons why black women and Asian men should seek each other out for romantic relationships. Basically, her argument centered on the fact that black women and Asian men are the “least desirable” demographics in the dating world and maybe they’d appreciate each other since few others appreciate them. It makes sense that she would use this platform as an opportunity to explore this kind of relationship.

6. The conversation Molly and Andrew had on the plane about all the things the brother had planned struck a chord. In my experience there are two types of vacationers: A) those who want to do everything and see everything, and have a schedule down to the minute of how they’re going to fit everything in, and B) those who are on vacation precisely to chill and be UN-scheduled. It’s important to know which type of travelers you’re rolling with because if your travel style differs, there can be major conflicts. I am a type B traveler. I work hard, so when I vacation, I’m trying to chillll… It’s really important to work out the tone of the trip before you go, and in my opinion, that conversation should’ve been had prior to the plane ride. Also, hey Tootie as “Mabel from the plane”! I love the cameos. 

7. When we first meet Andrew’s brother and his wife… I knew they would clash with Molly. First of all, the wife was annoying af with the phony compliments. And I have seen this dynamic play out too many times — women of other races being overly complimentary to the black woman… mainly because they don’t know how else to relate to her, lol. “Oh my god you’re sooooo gorgeous!” Like, okay girl. I know. Relax, lol. Also, the brother saying something about playing “devil’s advocate” right off the bat was leading us to the discovery that he is an asshole. 

8. Did anyone else notice that the brother said that he was surprised that Molly had stuck with Andrew for so long? That could’ve been innocent sibling teasing or it could also be foreshadowing that there’s more to the story with Andrew that Molly will find out about later.

9. Molly looked great this episode! That vacation hair was on-point, her makeup was tasteful and understated rather than that ashy nude lipstick she’s always trying to pull off, the colors she wore were flattering, her wardrobe was fire, and her body was RIGHT!! When she put on her lingerie she was looking like a lace-wrapped chocolate bar! And I was here for every bit of it! Thank you to whoever was responsible for the upgrade, lol. 

10. There is still something so awkward about Yvonne Orji trying to be sexual. I mean, yessss to balcony sex on a baecation with your boo overlooking a tropical paradise, but that scene seemed super… off… to me, lol. I do know that the Molly character is written to be uptight… even when she thought she was presenting a “freaky” surprise to Andrew, which turned out to be lingerie (gorgeous as it was)… Andrew was like… “that’s it?” LOL! She said something about how she should’ve “bought that feather” that was on-sale, so her idea of “freaky” doesn’t aling with his… cause, baby… he brought the ENTIRE sex toy box through customs! I mentioned in a previous recap that it seemed like the sex scenes are somewhat gratuitous this season and honestly, I felt like the scene where Molly made Andrew eat her ACTUAL booty was just…well, I’ll just say it was a surprising choice to include in this episode, lol.

11. The towel incident was just… ugh. I understand Molly’s frustration. From my recollection, we don’t actually see whether the white couple in line in front of Molly was asked to present a room key, but Molly assumed they hadn’t been asked and the towel attendant didn’t correct her, so she may have been correct in that assumption. I get the need to enforce the room key rule, but Molly was wearing a swimsuit and had clearly just come out of the pool. They were at an all-inclusive resort, which makes it practically impossible that she could’ve walked in off the street to mooch off the amenities. Yet and still the attendant had a job to do, so it wasn’t unreasonable for her to enforce the rule. Rather than getting pissed, Molly could’ve and should’ve spoken to the manager. That’s what “Karens” do and it always seems to get the job done, lol.

12. Molly’s argument in the pool with Andrew’s brother was cringe worthy. Yikes. Okay, so first of all, it was rude for Andrew and his family to switch to another language in the middle of a conversation with Molly, about Molly, and they know she couldn’t understand what they were saying. Perhaps her demanding they “Speak English” was a bit rude, but it was ruder for them to pull that at this particular moment in time. Second of all, do not compare your experience to mine and try to downplay my perspective. This is the reason why some people are reluctant to get involved in interracial relationships. Ohhh… and there’s the “devil’s advocate” again. I hate a “devil’s advocate” mofo. The devil doesn’t need no advocates! Satan, I rebuke you!

13. The truth of the matter is that as people of color the Asian experience and the Black experience are COMPLETELY different. However, for Molly to say that Asians choose to be “people of color” only when it’s convenient… Sis. Even if that’s what you believe, you don’t say that to your boyfriend’s family who happen to be Asian, lol. Time and place, honey, time and place!! Also, bristled when Molly told Andrew that he’s “different”. I have had this said to me before by non-black people who were making generalizations about black folks. My question is (and Andrew also wanted to know)… “different how”? Girl. That was not the move. And how do you come back from telling your boyfriend’s brother to f*ck off? While Andrew seemed to have smoothed things over with his brother the next day saying he wasn’t about to let the issue fester, I’m not sure the issue was entirely resolved. I’m guessing Andrew’s brother and wife had no interest in seeing Molly again and I’m curious to see how it may impact Molly and Andrew’s relationship in the future. Btw, I’m always surprised that men can resolve issues so easily with each other, while women tend to hold on to stuff foreverrrr. Andrew basically said: “hey, he may be an asshole, but he’s my brother and this ain’t gonna change that”. It seemed this was a revelation to Molly and may make her rethink things with Issa.  

14. When Molly asked: “Did I f*ck things up?” Girl. What do you think?! Hot heads always pop off without considering the consequences and then feel bad about it later. This is the same thing she did at Issa’s event. She didn’t think about how it would look, how it would make Issa feel, in that moment, she only cared about the confrontation and making her point and here we have another example of that. Yes, you effed things up like you always do, girl. Boo. Molly realizes that she’s got a good dude in Andrew. Even though it’s debatable about whether Molly was wrong in her interactions with his brother, Andrew stood up for his woman and I do admire that. I honestly feel like he’s part of the reason Molly FINALLY decided to reach out to her therapist. (Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!) When Molly says in the voicemail: “I’m having a hard time letting things go recently…” Ma’am! That is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the season! And it’s not a recent trend, this has been going on for a long time!

15. I notice when Molly is Issa-bashing, Andrew chooses not to get sucked into it. Molly will be going on her rants and Andrew will just be like “Mmm…” lol. He tends not to confront Molly or correct her in most instances, so I do think that it was interesting that he chose to interrupt her bias against Nathan. When he revealed that Nathan was having mental health issues when he ghosted Issa, I do think that was eye-opening for Molly. 

16. That said, it was so telling how annoyed Molly became when she found out that Issa is talking to Nathan again. She had a similar judgmental response when she saw Issa talking to Lawrence at Tiffany’s apartment. I’m sure some of her disdain has to do with feeling protective and not wanting Issa to continue to tangle with no-good dudes, but I also think it has to do with resentment about something Issa said to her. In a previous episode we saw Molly say something along the lines of “How dare Issa refer to me as the ‘old Molly’, but she’s out here revisiting old stuff herself” (she was referring to Issa talking to Lawrence). She’s almost appalled that Issa could accuse her of being stuck in the past, when Issa seems to be doing the same thing based on Molly’s assumptions about her interactions with Lawrence and Nathan. To that I say, girl… let it go!

17. Molly also may be jealous of Issa’s ability to maintain a good relationship with the guys she dates. Molly hasn’t had significant romantic relationships before Andrew. Meanwhile, Issa’s been with Lawrence, Daniel, Nathan, and they are all still around and would be willing to do more for her than even Molly will as evidenced by Nathan being willing to help out with the block party. Funny how Issa continuously f*cks up and “uses” people, but still is able to connect and stay in good graces. Meanwhile, “Miss Perfect” Molly messes up every single relationship in her life. 

18. Jay Ellis who plays Lawrence directed this episode and of course he found his way into the episode, lol. Of all the people to run into in the airport! Molly and Lawrence have an awkward exchange (including a Full House reference that nobody seemed to get (how Sway!?)). And as a result of that run-in Lawrence called someone he’s been “thinking about lately” and asked to get together with them. This is our bridge to next week’s episode and we saw from the preview that it’s Issa he called and he still has something to tell her. Have they been interacting while Molly was on the baecation or was he picking up from where they left off at Tiffany’s house? I guess we’ll have to tune-in next week to find out.

19. Watching this episode during a global pandemic was rough. As a traveler, I am missing the hell out of jumping on a plane and escaping to someplace tropical. I could relate to so many of the travel-related parts especially when Andrew said, “We’re in economy plus and I want all the pluses.” (#AMood), and being greeted at a resort with a welcome cocktail. *deep sigh* When the outside opens up, I’m most certainly heading to somebody’s beach! And, kudos (again) to the music director yet again who picked the perfect soundtrack to this trip south of the border.

20. This episode is a reminder of just how hard it is to like Molly. She makes folks WORK to love her. *smh* Because she’s so bitter and refuses to let stuff go, she comes across as an “angry black woman” like 99.8% of the time. She is expert at making people feel uncomfortable. She is rigid in her beliefs, stiff in her interpersonal relationships, and uptight af in general. Also, there are many many times that Molly’s issues are actually on-point, but her tone, delivery, and timing are all the way tf off and it makes it impossible to receive what she’s saying. If she would make some minor (okay, major, lol) attitude adjustments she would get so much farther in life, but she’s unwilling to bend, so she’ll be battling folks like this forever.

Molly is (maybe) finally coming to understand she’s part of the problem. It’s a beautiful thing when folks learn to take some responsibility. Let’s see where this goes. 

Alright, what did I miss? What did YOU think? Let’s talk about it!

8 thoughts on “Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 7: “Lowkey Trippin”

  1. Great recap as always. I forgot that Issa wrote about Asian Men and Black women as potentially a great pairing. You are spot on about Molly not always being wrong but her delivery essentially puts people on the defensive. You have to understand your time and place. Finally, I gave a feeling that Molly is one of those people who its not very kind to her admin support. As a result, she probably doesn’t give good directions or they are so anxious to not be in her presence that they aren’t asking the kinds of clarifying questions that admins tend to ask. Like, ewww are we done yet?.

    • Thanks for these comments. I totally believe Molly would be the type to not be “nice” to her admin support. She doesn’t seem to have any friends at the firm and in my experience, if you wanna have anyone on your side in the workplace it should be the support staff. They can make or break you!

  2. Number 17 is spot on. Molly is a person who burns every bridge and then wonders why she’s on an isolated island. Therapy could really help her to get out of her own head, communicate better, and cope with these frustrations. This season has highlighted that she blows fuses at almost every turn. Issa brought this up in season 3 when Molly decided it was best for Issa to turn Nathan away on her 30th bday.

    • Girl, yes! Her communication style is so ineffective. She pushes people away and then gets mad that they leave. What part of the game is that? LOL. I am very hopeful that therapy will lead to some breakthroughs, but Molly’s superiority complex will probably lead her to believe she knows more than the therapist and therefore won’t make any headway. Poor thing.

  3. Ok!! Yes, to all of this but especially #17! Great point! Issa is out of relationships with ALL of them, but can still hit them up and they’re ok with that. Makes me self reflect 🧐. Also, I’m waiting to see about Andrew’s sister. This is the second time she was brought up and the convo kinda got shut down. I’m thinking she may have mental health issues too. What do you think?

    • Thanks, girl! You know, I totally forgot to comment about the reference to Andrew’s sister! I have no idea what’s going on there, but I they’re obviously estranged and he’s not comfortable speaking about her with Molly or even when Molly is around. There’s definitely more to that story and I can’t wait to find out the deal with that.

  4. Great Recap as usual!! I really like Andrew and I hope Molly actually does seek healing before she ruins things.

    One thing I will say is Andrew definitely checks her regularly, but he does so in a kind and gentle way that she is clearly not used to.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yes to that last part! That is precisely why Andrew is so good for her. Molly’s defenses are naturally “up” all the time, so she needs someone to be gentle and patient enough to work his way through all of that. Andrew is it. If this doesn’t work, idk what she’s going to do, lol.

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