Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 9: “Lowkey Trying”

Okay, y’all. It’s been a few days since the episode, and hopefully you’re still excited about discussing it. Many thanks for your patience this week — there’s been A LOT going on over here. Now, let’s get into it!

1. Well, this episode certainly started off with a bang… or rather, a FEW bangs, as we watched Lawrence and Issa settling into their new space as a couple (we think?). And based on the opening scenes, they’ve “connected” – quite a bit – all over their relationship couch. Just like last episode, their chemistry JUMPS off the screen and I’m still convinced it’s not all acting. Their dynamic is just so real! They’re super-comfortable now, drinking from the same bottle even, andI loved how they showed Issa with her bonnet and her headscarf… now you know she’s comfortable if that’s happening, lol. And these are the details that make this show relatable. P.S. I’m still loving the lighting (the way the light shone on their nude brown bodies during the love scenes was everythang!). 

2. While Issa and Lawrence are chilling on the couch, Nathan texts Issa to confirm her assistance with his move (we’ll discuss this more later) and Issa jumps right into explaining to Lawrence who Nathan is and what she’s agreed to do. She says that she wants to be honest with Lawrence, doesn’t want to “mess this up”, and she asks that dreaded question “What is this?”. Good ol’ Larry responds with the infamous “What do you want this to be?” question. Now, doesn’t he know you don’t answer a question with a question! Sir, I asked YOU. Wuttice dis?! LOL. They seem to be, like, together-together and this is what we’ve all been waiting for. They seem so content and comfortable and… I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! Like, this is all just too perfect. We do know that Lawrence may be headed to SF… will this relocation be the wrench in their plans?

3. During this line of questioning on the couch, Issa asks Lawrence about his ties to Contraption in a roundabout way and Lawrence tells her “Yeah, we talked and it’s done.” And then they have sex. Again. (Must be nice, lol.) I felt like this was a weird exchange. Last episode, Conditioner’s presence was FELT… she called and texted Lawrence multiple times leading folks to speculate she had something very important to tell him. In fact, people have been saying all week that Conception was pregnant! Now, it seems she’s become a non-factor. I have seen this show treat characters like this in the past. One episode  a person is  integral to the storyline and the next episode it’s like they never existed (see Daniel for reference, lol). Honestly, I’m hoping that Consequences is a wrap. I have been ready for her to be written-off since episode 1! Good riddance and I hope to gawd she doesn’t pop up in the season finale.

4. Molly is in therapy, y’all! And Dr. Rhonda read that azz for filth! In reference to Molly and Issa’s relationship, Dr. Rhonda  asked Molly if she felt there was anything she could’ve done differently. Molly flat out said no and that Issa is the one who needs to apologize. Dr. Rhonda hit her with “Do you want to be right or in relationship?” And notice she didn’t say “in A relationship”… she said “in relationship”… meaning this question applies to relationships in general, with anyone! Dr. Rhonda proceeded to rundown all the people that Molly has decided are “out of line”, including Dro, Torian, Andrew’s brother, her daddy, and of course Issa. There is a pattern here! As I said in a previous recap — if you have a problem with everyone, then, sis, you ARE the problem. But of course, Molly doesn’t see it that way. She’s so certain she is “right” and everyone else is “wrong”. When Dr. Rhonda asked her if her friendship with Issa still serves her and whether she’s willing to do the work to salvage the relationship, Molly says “I mean, it’s Issa… she’s my best friend.” *siiiiigh* Girlahhhh, I have told you to  stop saying Issa is your “best friend” because you don’t treat her like one! (Why is she not listening to me?! Molly, can you hear me, girl?! LOL) 

5. Issa is feeling strange about being in a gray area with Lawrence and also with Nathan and I can tell she feels that something is not quite right about the arrangements she’s made to help Nathan move. When you’re in that space of being unsure of your next move, you need to talk to someone you trust who’s also familiar with the situation to get their perspective. Issa first reaches out to Kelli but gets her voicemail (that bilingual voice greeting made me chuckle lol), and then she calls my boy Ahmal who wasn’t very helpful. The person she wanted to call all along was Molly because, well, when you’re in that predicament, the only one who can really help you out of it is your bestie. But her anxiety about Molly snapping on her through a dream sequence was really eye-opening. I understand that you miss your friend and want to talk to her about what’s going on. But if you really believe she would bite your head off like that, then why even bother to preserve this friendship? Thank God Molly’s outburst was all in Issa’s head because I was appalled. That said, I was a little bummed that they showed the dream sequence but not the actual exchange between Issa and Molly. I’m curious how the conversation to hammer out the details of the meetup actually went.

6. Next we see Molly and Issa meeting up at the diner for brunch and light-skinned mimosas (also a favorite of mine). When Molly walks in, Issa’s voice goes up about four octaves (and remember I mentioned to y’all before that when her voice gets higher, it’s an indication she’s uncomfortable). Before I get too far into their conversation, wtf was Molly wearing? Jesus Christ. Okay…. back to the convo, lol. The conversation was wack! They discussed none of their issues. The block party wasn’t mentioned. They kept the conversation very light, making small talk about work and families. I expected them to have a real Come to Jesus meeting, but this was not that. I did like that they ended the conversation by telling each other that they loved each other, and I believe they actually do. Now whether they LIKE each other? That may elicit a different response. Though the “I love you” scene was a sweet moment, it was… awkward. One detail I didn’t really understand was Issa asking Molly whether she was going to be around later in the week because she was helping Nathan move. What did that have to do with Molly? Did she anticipate that she would run into Molly while helping him? It just seemed weird because I didn’t get what Molly had to do with Issa helping Nathan and they kind of brushed over that detail. Anyhoo, Issa paid for brunch and when Molly offered to pay the tip Issa said something like “I probably owe you for like 10 years of brunches.” Molly was genuinely surprised. Is this a sign of Issa’s growth?

7. It was very interesting that Issa’s and Molly’s debrief of brunch with their two men were so different. Molly gets home from brunch and finds Andrew on the phone, speaking to his brother in their native language. He hurries to get off the phone (this is the second time we’ve seen this happen when Molly walks into the room) and asks her how brunch went. She tells Andrew that brunch was fine, but she and Issa didn’t talk about their issues and specifically says the block party didn’t even come up. In his gentle Andrew way, he urged her to try a different approach and maybe she should consider meeting Issa halfway (this is the second time Molly has heard this during the episode because Dr. Rhonda said something similar)… and Molly gets salty with him. OF COURSE. She doesn’t feel that she needs to give Issa any grace because she doesn’t feel she did anything wrong (as usual!). Andrew drops the subject and tells Molly that his brother got them tickets to go to the Clippers game. Molly says she’s not trying to see his brother and that he should make it a boys’ night and go and have fun. She is still beefin with the brother because of what happened in Mexico.

8. We find out that Issa and her assistant (intern?) are working on another event. This time it’s a wellness-related event and they’ve gotten a cycle studio and a couple other vendors to commit even though they don’t have a clear plan for what the event is. The assistant (I forget her name) is hilarious, but she clearly has some health-problems. Remember how her nose kept bleeding at the block party (weird)? And then she tells Issa in this scene that in college she broke her pelvic bone and had to wear a diaper cast for awhile… eww. LOL! Homegirl also had warm cookies in her purse (she created a mini oven by covering them with handwarmers… genius!) LOL. Anyway, it appears Issa’s career as an event promoter/Culture Curator is still in motion and I was pleased to see that.

9. Lawrence calls Issa after he finishes his job interview in Frisco. They have some witty banter about Rice a Roni (the San Francisco treat!) and Hamburger Helper (they are so stinking cute together!) and Issa asks him how the interview went. Lawrence says it went “really well, actually” and he’s blushing… oh lordt. This is foreshadowing. He’s moving to Frisco! Noooo! Then, Issa proceeds to tell Lawrence about her brunch with Molly and here’s where we figure out Issa needs to get a clue. Issa is actually optimistic about brunch, y’all! She believes she smoothed things over with Molly and says something along the lines of “Yeah, I’ll invite her to Self-Care Sunday in a few weeks and everything will be back to normal.” Girl… what?! Were you at the same brunch we were at?! Cause I don’t think that’s how this is gonna work, lol. Lawrence tells her that maybe all she and Molly needed was some time apart to realize how much they loved each other, but obviously those words apply to his relationship with Issa as well… they needed time apart and now they’re back in LaLa Land. The difference is, following Lawrence and Issa’s time apart, they actually discussed their problems and got on the same page, which still hasn’t happened with Molly and Issa. A critical step is missing with those two…

10. Issa arrives at Nathan’s apartment to help him move, he buzzes her in (his voice is like BUTTER over the intercom, lol) and we see her rehearsing how she’s going to greet him when she finally sees him. When he opens the door, her voice goes up some octaves… she’s uncomfortable! Nathan reveals a few things in their conversation as they’re unpacking boxes: 1) he and his boys are buying out the owner of the barber where they work, so he’s making some career moves, 2) he is bi-polar, and explains it was because of this illness that he faded to black on Issa in the previous season 3) he’s a dirty mack! How you gonna talk shit about Lawrence in an effort to discredit him to Issa?! Nathan is talking about how Lawrence seems “sometimey”… sir, you are a whole GHOST! How dare you?! I didn’t realize that Issa had told Nathan her history with Lawrence. We discovered that she spilled the tea to Nathan because when she told him she was back with her ex, Nathan threw back: “Oh, the one you cheated on?” Ouch! Bet you wish you’d kept your mouth shut about that, huh, Issa? LOL! Anyway, I liked that Issa was upfront with Nathan about Lawrence and that she defended Lawrence when Nathan started to go in. A bi-polar diagnosis is very serious, and I like that once again Insecure is using its platform to highlight mental health issues, which have previously been a taboo discussion in the black community. I wish they’d go back to Tiffany’s storyline so they could address post-partum, but there’s no time… maybe we’ll see that next season.

11. So, a #QTNA: Why in the world is Issa helping Nathan move? It appeared to be just the two of them tackling this move, too. Why? I mean, Nathan has other friends, right? We know there’s at least Andrew plus the guys he’s opening the barber shop with, etc. Why does Nathan have a woman he used to date helping him move boxes? I get that Nathan did Issa a favor by asking Andrew for the block party headliner hook-up, but this moving situation just seems weird. First of all, moving sucks and if it were me… well, I’m not helping just anybody move. Second, I’m a fairly traditional woman and I’m not helping a man do manual labor… #periodt, lol. I also wonder how Lawrence felt about Issa helping Nathan move. Lawrence said he was okay with it, but I personally would not be comfortable with my boo helping their old work move. Anyhoo, I feel like Nathan probably asked for Issa’s help because he’s trying to get back in good with her and felt that this was his opportunity to reconnect with her one-on-one. But I mean, he could’ve at least taken her to dinner or something, lol. Moving is not romantic in any way. And also, I was hoping we were done with him. He’s cute and all, but there are just too many red flags with Nathan. Also, Ahmal has been told Issa she doesn’t have to do things she doesn’t wanna do just because she’s “supposed to”. So, yes, Nathan did her a solid, but if she felt uncomfortable helping him move, she should’ve said no.

12. Molly returns to Andrew’s apartment with takeout. She has picked up some Asian food (I forget which cuisine exactly) and Andrew’s like “I thought we agreed on Indian”. Molly was basically like “oh yeah but I didn’t want that so I got this”. Girl… so you just gonna disregard your partner’s desires to get what YOU want? This chile is so selfish! She asks Andrew how the basketball game with his brother went and he said it was cool but awkward because his brother invited them both and she was noticeably absent. He tells Molly he lied to his brother, covering for Molly by saying she had to work. Molly’s like “I didn’t ask you to lie for me” (which is true). I’m sure he did so because he had to save face and also so he could make Molly seem less petty than she is, lol. After what happened in Mexico, Molly is done with the brother, and truthfully I can understand why. BUT, if she and Andrew are going to be serious, she will have to see him again eventually. And Andrew says as much directly to Molly — he asks her if she’s just never going to see his brother again… Total avoidance doesn’t seem realistic. She will eventually have to face him if she and Andrew they’re going to be in a long-term relationship since Andrew and his brother are obviously close. This will be interesting. It turns out, Molly doesn’t have to own up to anything in this particular conversation because just as her convo with Andrew begins to heat up, Issa and Nathan walk in to pick up more boxes.

13. When Issa and Nathan walk in, it’s awkward. Not just because Issa and Molly are unexpectedly seeing each other again (was it “unexpected”? Issa did give Molly a heads-up at brunch), but also because they walked in on Molly and Andrew’s “disagreement” such as it was. Molly (reluctantly) invites them to stay for takeout and even though it’s an awkward invitation, Issa and Nathan are hungry from moving and agree to stay. They end up sticking around for wine after dinner and as the drinks flow, Issa and Molly begin to reminisce about the early years of their friendship, including an explanation of a drinking game Issa made up called Celebrity Heights (did you know Bernie Sanders was 6 feet tall?!). During the game, they run out of wine and as Andrew goes to get more from the kitchen, Molly inadvertently sends Issa a text meant for Andrew. The text said “See? I’m trying with her.” Lord, have mercy in heaven!! Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever accidentally sent a person a text about themselves (*raises hand* GUILTY), but it is mortifying!! And Issa’s bubble was burst. You can see the way her face dropped… she thought she and Molly were back on the good foot (why she would think that, I’ll never know!), and this text was a rude awakening. Issa excuses herself and runs out the door and Molly goes after her.

14. When Molly gets outside, she doesn’t apologize for sending the text, she says “I’m sorry you saw that…” She’s not sorry she said what she said in the text nor that she sent it… she’s sorry Issa saw it. Let that sink in. Anyway, she ends up telling Issa that she’s been feeling weird about their friendship for months, even before the block party, and that things between them feel “forced”. Issa said she’s trying (and this episode is called Lowkey Trying, y’all, and was directed by Olivia Pope aka Kerry Washington, btw) but she can’t be the only one making the effort. And Molly comes back with “Maybe who I am now and who you are now just don’t fit anymore.” So… who is it you think you are now, Molly? Throughout this season, she keeps insisting she’s “New Molly” (she’s referred to herself this way several times), which for some reason she believes is a 180 from “Old Molly” because she’s been able to keep a man for 5 mins. I swear I hate it when people think they’ve got it all figured out because they have a man. That means nothing! You’re still on that BS, you’ve just found someone who’s finally willing to put up with it! UGH!

15. My goodness, my heart broke for Issa. When Molly said what she said about them no longer fitting, Issa just responded “Okay” with tears in her eyes. I mean, at that point, what else can you say? The issue here is that Issa was genuinely surprised that they weren’t good again (clueless!). Issa feels she’s did the work by extending an olive branch with the brunch invite and being willing to pretend that nothing happened between them. Everyone kept encouraging her to reach out to Molly following the block party blow up because they knew that Molly wouldn’t come around until she did. Issa had committed to not being the first to reach out, but she ended up swallowing her pride and doing it anyway because she missed her friend. Meanwhile, Molly feels like she’s doing the work simply by showing up… and at best “tolerating” Issa when she’s around. Molly is waiting for an apology and in her mind things won’t go back to normal until she gets one. I am not sure what is causing the breakdown in their relationship. Is it pride? Mistrust? Miscommunication? Or maybe it’s simply two people growing up and apart. That happens. It has happened to me and it’s heartbreaking… it feels almost as bad as a romantic breakup – actually, maybe it’s worse. I wonder if Molly and Issa can come back from this. I guess we have to keep watching to find out, but my guess is that Molly’s lack of accountability will continue and it will lead to the demise of both her relationship with Issa and her relationship with Andrew. I’ll just say that Dr. Rhonda has a lot of work to do with Miss Molly Carter, lol.

16. We have one more episode left before the end of the season and there’s so much I’m still waiting to see! Where do Issa and Lawrence go from here? What’s up with Issa and Nathan, like why is he still around? The previews for the next episode show us he’s still in play, so what is his role here? And Issa and Molly – will they speak again or reconcile before the season ends? WIll Condola pop back up? Is Lawrence moving to San Francisco? Where is Daniel!? LOL. I’m genuinely excited to see how the season wraps up and what cliffhangers they’ll end with. Thankfully, we know the show has been renewed for a 5th season; however, Rona will surely delay production, so who knows when we’ll get it. We waited nearly two years between seasons 3 and 4. I hope Issa won’t make us wait that long! Also, I’ve heard that this is Lawrence’s last season, y’all. Someone said to me that they feel like he’s been part of Issa’s story for far too long. I get that. But the fact that their friend circles overlap likely means Issa will never completely be rid of Lawrence and that’s a real-life scenario. I admit that I like the idea of Lawrence and Issa rekindling and I’d like to see how they are together in a relationship for real, but I don’t think we’ll get that chance and I’m lowkey upset about that.

Alright, many thanks cutting me some slack while I got my life together this week. The recap is overdue, but I hope it was worth the wait (kinda?). And now that you’ve had a chance to sleep on the episode for a few nights, what did you think about it all? Did I miss anything? What struck you about the episode? And what are your predictions for the finale?

2 thoughts on “Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 9: “Lowkey Trying”

  1. First of all, no surprise your recap was well worth the wait. This episode right here…Lawrence and Issa have such serious chemistry on screen and that was a sexy sexy opening.

    Nathan asking Issa to help him move when not one other body was there was nothing but an invitation and expectation to screw. Thank you Issa for being awkward and not letting it go anywhere in spite of Nathan’s little comments.

    Molly’s body makes everything look good and after such a spectacular wardrobe on vacation in Mexico, Molly’s outfits in this episode left me flat and disappointed although the color on that coat and dress combo was really good. I keep trying to be kinder to Molly but damn she makes it so so hard. How do you bring home different food and you don’t even call or text and ask if it’s cool? There is literally no excuse for that kind of inconsiderate behavior. I was also thinking that unless your partner is estranged from their family when you get together with them, you are walking down a destructive path where you are going to lose if you think you can write them off. Andrew’s brother is not anxious to have a relationship with Molly but his love for his brother made him extend the olive branch. The brother isn’t going to be hurt if he never sees Molly again but Andrew is and you are putting him in the position of needing to choose. Guess what Molly, you are going to lose…you ain’t married to the man, you all don’t have children. He will recover and probably quick enough that her feelings will be hurt. Dr. Rhonda asked her did she want to be right or in relationship? The answer is she wants to be right and she wants to be catered to, relationship for her has no concept of mutuality and reciprocity. She is love on a one-way street.

    I never heard of this wonderful thing called a light-skinned mimosa but you better bet the next time brunch is an option in real life I am having one.

    Predictions for the finale? Ugh, I think they are going to be real ugly and leave us hanging and Issa is going to be choosing between space at the barbershop and really setting this new career off or following Lawrence to SF. The problem with following Lawrence is that it will likely set back the growth that she has made and turn the tables where he will resent her after a time because she is not working, dependent on him, etc etc

    What struck me about the episode? I love love love Lawrence and Issa together. When they are good, they are so so so so good.

    Okay, I didn’t expect this to be so long but you got me thinking.

    • Wow, what a great comment! This is your own version of a recap – I love it! We are 100% on the same page about Molly. I too loved the color of the coat/dress but the fit of the outfit was odd. The other outfits she wore this episode looked crazy and only someone with her amazing body could even attempt to pull them off. Everything else you said about her/Andrew/her relationship style/etc. is exactly what I was thinking.

      I noticed Nathan was really trying hard to flirt and I was proud of Issa for nipping that in the bud before things went too far. That said, the double dinner date with Molly and Andrew was a little over the top. If I were Lawrence, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with that portion of their evening. It was too couple-y.

      My prediction for the finale is that our Issa + Lawrence bubble will be burst because Lawrence is going to relocate to SF and Issa is going to choose to stay in LA. Not sure what that will mean for their relationship, especially since Nathan will be snooping around. I am really hoping Congratulations doesn’t pop up in the finale, because if she does… grrr! Finally, I think there will be a rift in Molly and Andrew’s relationship. She is going to end up pushing him too hard and it won’t go well. At least, these are the storylines I’m hoping to see on Sunday, but I’ve been surprised by these writers before, so I’ve learned to be ready for anything! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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