Insecure Recap – Season 4, Episode 10: “Lowkey Lost”

Well, well, well… so we’ve come to The End of the Road! *cues up Boyz II Men* I can say that the finale was NOT what I expected it would be. There were so many loose ends to be tied up within 25 mins and they tried to touch on it ALL. I’m not sure that was the best decision because some of it felt rushed to me, but hey… it’s what we got. Also, can someone explain why this episode felt like it was 10 minutes long?! Ugh! Anyhoo, let’s get into it!

1. The episode we’ve all been waiting for starts with Issa at the farmer’s market buying flowers. Lawrence rolls up on her with the news that he’s been offered the job in SF, which Issa refers to as the “Windy City,  and when Lawrence corrects her, saying that the Windy City is actually Chicago and NOT SF, he says “You went to school, right?!” Yes, she did! And a good one, too! Go figure, lmao. Lawrence’s tells Issa his new job includes a lot of perks – for example, he finally gets to run his own team (which he previously said he didn’t really want to do, but it seems like he was excited about that!), and even gets an assistant. Go Lawrence!! He is moving up in the world… FINALLY!

2. Lawrence seems genuinely excited about the opportunity to move and Issa seems excited for him, too. But if he moves, what about their relationship?! They are SO cute together and have that chemistry we’re all envious of. And just when “LawrIssa” (I stole this from a friend, lol) seemed to be on the right track, does this mean their relationship will be sidelined due to relocation? Well, no, actually. Lawrence asks Issa if distance is a dealbreaker and sis was like “NOPE!” First of all, SF is only a short flight away. And anyway, she said she’s decided she’s ready to cut out the BS and only focus on the things that make her happy (and as we know from episode 8, Lawrence is one of those things!). She also said that she might even be willing to relocate WITH him because she needs a fresh start and if they stay in a good space, she’s willing to ride. He seems very surprised by that announcement, and so was I! LOL! I can’t imagine Issa anywhere but LA honestly, but hey… they things we do for love! Issa says she believes if they WANT it to work, it will work. And Lawrence confirms he does in fact want it to work, so… as of this moment, it looks like we’re taking our talents to SF, y’all! (Not really. More on that later.)

3. Issa eventually finds her way to Nathan’s barber shop to see the space that he offered up to her in the previous episode. Now, I need to go back and double-check this, but my understanding is that Nathan was offering it as an office space, but when Issa gets to the shop, she says “This space is perfect for my event.” Um… girl, what event? That space was a dump and it was small, lol. So, idk what she’s planning to use it for but it’s going to take a lot of work to get it in working order. Here’s some symbolism: the space was a mess, but it works for her and, similarly, Nathan is a mess, but kinda works for her, too, lol. Nate apologized for dirty mackin’ last episode by trash talking Lawrence, but admits that hearing Issa and Lawrence are back together really made him feel a way. He’s very positive and encouraging and uplifting toward Issa and I appreciate that, but I do not want Issa and Nathan together. I do think his feelings are genuine (and he’s fine as hell with an amazing voice!), but I really hope they don’t go there. And it seems Issa isn’t thinking of him romantically either because she threw dude squarely into the Friend Zone in the barber shop conversation. Let’s hope he stays there and stops trying to break out, lol.  

4. Molly and Andrew are dunzo, y’all. I feel bad for Molly. I really do. When they’re at her work function, Molly looks totally content with Andrew. She finally feels like she can “exhale”. Work is going alright, she’s got her man, her wig is cute (finally), but… BOOM. That all comes crashing down around her when we discover that Andrew is not actually happy (how could he be?!). The first indication (and by that I mean the first indication in *this* episode, because we’ve seen other indications in previous episodes) was their difference of opinion on whether to roll to the post-event drinks. Molly says yes, Andrew says no. Of course, as always happens when the two of them have a difference of opinion, Andrew concedes and they end up going to drinks with the work colleagues. When they get home, Andrew is excited to watch the Looking for LaToya reunion, and even mentions he’s been avoiding spoilers all week in preparation to watch it but Molly says she would rather rest than watch. Andrew is like cool… then imma watch it myself. But nooo… Molly insists that he wait for her. And it’s at that point that Andrew has had it with her. He points out, and rightly so, that everything always has to be done on her schedule and he’s always the one who has to sacrifice his wants and needs in order to accommodate hers and he’s sicka her shit! Who could blame him? Molly brings up the situation with Andrew’s brother yet again and Andrew points out (accurately) that Molly never lets anything go. Molly actually had the nerve to fix her mouth to say “I always lets stuff go.” SIS. You literally NEVER DO. NEVER. And that’s why you’re in the predicament you’re in with your man AND your best friend. Dr. Rhonda needs to be working with Molly round the clock on her slew of issues because that girl needs some help, lol.

5. While Molly and Andrew are arguing, Kelli is calling Molly repeatedly to tell Molly that Tiffany is missing. Okay, please understand I am in no way discounting the postpartum depression storyline with what I’m about to say. It’s a very real and extremely important topic to address and I’m glad they tried. But trying to tackle it in less than 10 mins of a 25-min show did the issue a disservice. The way it all played out was silly. Tiffany told Derek that she needed time away and was checking into a hotel and she turned her phone off. He panicked. But why? She told him where she was and why she made the decision to do what she did. Now, I can understand why leaving your infant overnight and cutting off communication would be concerning, BUT… if you’re trying to find her, that should have been fairly easy in 2019/2020. You knew she was at a hotel in the city. You have access to credit card statements – obviously accounts are connected because that’s how he was able to see the Lyft receipt – so you couldn’t have looked at the CC statement to find a hotel charge? Shoot, he could’ve even used “Find my iPhone” or something similar to pinpoint her location. So the whole crew running around the city trying to find Tiffany and using up valuable minutes of the episode for their search was like… annoying, lol. But okay, imma let that go.

6. Moving on… As they’re on the bus, Derek says that he knew Tiffany wasn’t happy, but he didn’t expect the situation to go as far as it did. In more than one episode, Tiffany showed clear signs of postpartum. But a friend of mine made a really good point. All of her friends and even her husband were so wrapped up in other things, they didn’t realize how bad off Tiffany really was. Derek felt guilty for missing the cues, but really it’s not his burden to bare alone — everybody missed the clues. In reality, there’s really nothing any of them could’ve done except get her the professional help and support she needed to work through this challenge. But in order to get someone help, you have to first notice the signs. I wish we could see more about Tiffany’s process for getting through this period. Maybe it’ll continue to play out next season. Stay tuned!

7. As Molly and Issa worked together to console Derek during their search, they had the opportunity to say some things to each other, without actually saying them to each other, lol. They communicate so well through other people, but not with each other directly. Why is that? Issa says to Derek “None of us are perfect. We’re all just trying to figure it out.” And basically, that’s the summary of this entire show.

8. OMG, I hate an overzealous bus driver! Like, I get that you need to do your job, dude, but this is an emergency! When the bus driver and Kelli have their standoff over pressing the button to open the door and Kelli is like “What you gonna do if I press it?!” and then Issa leans over and whispers in Kelli’s ear: “Press it!” like the proverbial devil on the shoulder, I cracked up! LOL!

9. Now maybe I’m just uber-sensitive right now due to the current events happening in our country, but that whole scene with the bus driver deciding to involve the police in their little dispute hit SO HARD last night. A few things: first, when Kelli was on the bus trying to handle business and the white guy was doing the most to try to get her attention, and then when he does, he actually had the nerve to say “My inner Black woman looks just like you.” I’m sorry, what?! Did you think that was supposed to be a “compliment”? If you don’t get the fugg outta here with that BS! Also, *sigh*… DO NOT call the police on black people over non-emergency situations, y’all. Please just don’t do it. The cop in the scene reached for his taser, but in real life it probably would’ve been a gun and that entire incident might’ve ended in death. And for the white folks to jump in and “Amy Cooper” the situation by claiming Kelli had assaulted the bus driver… and mind you, this was written way before we knew Amy Cooper’s name. It’s been happening for years and often escalates to a point where it doesn’t need to go. So, again, please…  just… don’t do it. There was NO reason for the police to even be summoned in that situation. My God.

10. When Tiffany’s people finally get to the Sheraton, I actually appreciated the way the confrontation played out. The girlfriends fell back and Derek was the one who knocked on the door and confronted Tiffany. What’s interesting is that Tiff is a character who is typically all about appearances. Even when Derek was talking to someone on the phone back at their apartment, his description of Tiffany included her height, hair color, and he said that she was “perfect looking”. That’s sweet and all, but it’s also an important detail. Tiffany is ALWAYS together. And when we see her open the door to her hotel room, she’s stripped down. Wet natural hair, no makeup, wig, or weave in sight. This is the raw Tiffany who literally didn’t know what else to do but run away from her problems. What I loved about this moment besides her friends stepping back was the tenderness and gentleness Derek showed Tiffany when she finally did open the door for him. He didn’t yell or get angry, he embraced her and comforted her. Derek is a real one, y’all. And Tiffany who always has something to say was actually at a loss for words. All she could say over and over again was “I’m sorry.” I truly felt for her in that moment.

11. After we see that scene play out, we get some aerial shots of LA, including the Kobe & Gianna mural and the Nipsey Hussle mural (RIP to all of those beautiful humans). This goes back to what I said in previous recaps – LA plays such a huge role in this show. The city is like another character in the cast, so I really can’t see Issa relocating in spite of what she might feel for Lawrence and where his career might take him.

12. After the crew finds Tiffany, Molly, dressed in sweats, finds her way to Andrew. Over tea, she presses him to talk about what is going on between them. Isn’t it so funny that Molly knows how to be direct and jump right to the issue with Andrew, but can’t do the same with her “best friend”? Andrew is reluctant to talk because he knows Molly has been through a lot with the Tiffany incident, but Molly says they need to talk about it before it gets worse. And basically, Andrew has the same conversation with Molly that Molly had with Issa in the last episode. Like, almost verbatim. He says that he feels they aren’t on the same page. Molly objects and is like “well, if this is about your brother, then I should’ve done [X] or [Y]…” and Andrew cuts her off and says “It’s not just about my brother. I’ve been feeling like this for awhile…” If this sounds familiar, it’s because it should. In episode 9 outside of Andrew’s house:

Issa – “If this is about the block party, then…”

Molly – *cuts her off*  “This has been going on since before the block party. I’ve felt like this for awhile.”

13. Molly isn’t ready to cut her losses with Andrew so quickly, pointing out that “Neither one of us has gotten this far with someone else.” And she goes on to talk about all they’ve put into the relationship and do they really want to give up now? She’ll change. She’ll do the work (allegedly!). And Andrew says to her “What are you even fighting for right now?” He asks Molly if “this” (meaning him) is what she really wants and… Molly doesn’t answer – at least not on camera. I mean, I think we know the answer, but the writers don’t let us see it. This is reminiscent of the conversation that Lawrence and Construction had at Friendsgiving where she asked him a tough question and we never actually hear his answer, but we all know what the answer was. Back to Molly and #AsianBae. Andrew says they don’t fit (also reminiscent of her “breakup” with Issa in episode 9) and instead of accepting Andrew’s assessment of their relationship, Molly dismisses him with a: “No, that’s not it.” So once again you’re going to disregard his opinion, chile? If he feels like y’all don’t fit, then guess what? You don’t. *smh* Andrew says that a relationship shouldn’t have to be this hard and this goes back to something else I’ve said before — Molly makes people WORK to love her and Andrew is tired of doing that work. It’s a wrap for them. Honestly, I don’t even know why it took this long. Andrew was a good find for Molly – a yin to her yang. But what was HE getting out of the relationship? Besides (a lot of) sex? Nada.

14. Then, we move over to LawrIssa. And here is where I lose my shit. LOL! So, a lot of y’all were saying for a whole two weeks that you believed that Conception was pregnant. I ain’t wanna believe it. No, nope. I wasn’t here for that storyline. Mainly, because I thought that storyline was lazy, unoriginal, and it was a cheap and easy way out of the Lawrence and Issa relationship. I felt like an unplanned pregnancy was stale and done to death and I was sincerely hoping the writers wouldn’t go there. But I gotta give it to the writers because even though folks had been saying it, actually seeing it play out threw me for a whole loop! I mean, my mind was blown. When we see Corolla say “I’m pregnant.” I screamed! Like shouted! I’m sure my neighbors thought something strange was happening over here last night, lol. And kudos to the director of this scene because the way it was shot was genius! Issa would ask a question and then Controlla would answer it in the flashback of her conversation with Lawrence. Beautifully done! I know I said before that Issa wasn’t a great actress, but she acted her butt off in those scenes. I felt her pain. Her facial expressions and body language said so much. It was riveting.

15. In the flashback to Lawrence’s conversation with Corndog, I could FEEL his despair! He asked her how this could have happened when they were being “careful”. I don’t know what careful means to Lawrence, lol. We’ve already been down the STD diagnosis with Lawrence. Once. Is it that he didn’t learn to wrap it up? Then again, condoms break everyday, B, and the pull-and-pray method is certainly not always effective, sooo… man. And the questions he asked her “Are you going to keep it?” and “Are you sure it’s mine?” and “Why?” Just… why. I mean… those are ALL fair questions. It wasn’t clear to me that Lawrence and Condolavirus were monogamous. It also wasn’t clear to me that she had any desire to be in a SERIOUS relationship with Lawrence. She didn’t even really invite him to Friendsgiving for God’s sake and now he’s the father of her child. Eek. She had a whole husband and “wasn’t ready” for a baby with him. But she and Lawrence are not on good terms and weren’t really very serious about each other to begin with and NOW she wants to keep the baby?! I can understand Lawrence’s confusion and frustration about the situation. But as a childless woman of a certain age, I can also see why not keeping the baby was “not an option” for her (those were her words). To her credit, Conjunctivitis did let Lawrence off the hook by saying he could be as involved as he wanted to be, but that she would be good either way. That’s right, girl. You and that baby, and your fire-ass kitchen are gonna be alright with or without Martin Lawrence’s presence or coins lol.

16. Lawrence assures Issa that he has no desire to get back with Contraption and that Issa is the person he wants to be with. And Issa declares the situation is “too much”. I agree girl! It’s so much in fact that she has to go out to her balcony to smoke a spliff. And honestly… the thing that stuck out to me about this scene is the fact that all this time I ain’t know Issa’s apartment had a balcony! WITH a VIEW! LOL! A friend of mine said Issa’s apartment gets nicer every episode and I have to agree. They’ve been holding out on this balcony situation. Imagine the parties that could have been had! I don’t know how I feel about this important detail being left out for so long, LMBO.

17. In the next scene, we see Issa walking into the Ethiopian restaurant and who’s there, but Molly. Molly says “I’m glad you came.” And Issa says “I’m glad you called.” You hear that, y’all?! Molly is the one who called. Finally, Issa wasn’t the one who had to extend the olive branch. I said in my last recap that it would take something major to bring the two of them back together and I would certainly say that two breakups, an unplanned pregnancy, and a missing friend with a mental health crisis qualify as “major”. I hope that Andrew’s decision to leave Molly was the wake-up call she needed. Perhaps their breakup plus the work Molly’s doing with Dr. Rhonda might leave her more open to working on her friendship with Issa. Then again… maybe not, lol. I don’t know that any amount of therapy will ever make Molly the friend I want her to be. 

18. I had a conversation last night that raised a good point. There’s a difference between an “unplanned” pregnancy and an “unwanted” pregnancy. In the case of Lawrence and Consequence’s baby, it is both unplanned and unwanted. Lawrence literally said to Issa “I don’t want this.” I think he also made it pretty clear to Conviction that he is not on board with her decision to keep the baby. While I can relate to Condominium’s desire to have a child at this stage of her life, I would really have to think hard about whether I’d bring a child into this messy ass situation. There is no love in their relationship. And while I don’t doubt that Lawrence will be there for any child of his, there won’t be genuine excitement about the baby and that’s so unfortunate for the baby.

19. If I were Issa’s friend (and in my head, I am!), I would advise her against moving forward with Lawrence. Certainly they *could* overcome these latest events. But as Issa said herself “This is a lot.” Combustion will always and forever be in Lawrence’s life now and what role is Issa going to play in the child’s life, in his life, in Condola’s life? For as long as LawrIssa is together, Issa will have to be reminded of this love triangle every time she looks at that child. Also, remember in a previous season when Issa fantasized about having her own child with Lawrence? Well, now Convection Oven has robbed her of the opportunity to enjoy their first born child together. She beat her to the punch. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

20. I’m sad to say I am over LawrIssa now. And I also will reiterate that I don’t want Issa with Nathan and I hope the writers won’t bring back Daniel either. We need some new blood! Get rid of these lames with their oversized baggage and bring in someone new and fresh next season. I want Issa to win. She’s our hero in this story and I really want her to find some happiness. Her career finally seems to be taking off and I thought she was about to have found true love, but isn’t it just like life to throw a wrench in the best laid plans?  Honestly, the real love story here was Molly and Issa  anyway and they seem to be on the verge of finding their way back to each other. Let’s just focus on them for awhile.

21. Also, did Lawrence lie, y’all? I find the timeline of all these events to be quite jumbled and confusing. BUT… I’m fairly certain that in episode 8 when Crayola was blowing up Lawrence’s phone on his dinner date with Issa, she says they were supposed to meet on Tuesday but asked if they could move things up to that same night. Lawrence pushed off the convo to have his night with Issa. He and Issa fell back into old patterns and were with each other 24/7 it seemed, christening the relationship couch. And it appears that Lawrence and Congestion didn’t actually have a real conversation until Condi came over the same night Tiffany went missing. So how is it that when Issa asked Lawrence point-blank about his relationship with Crisco, he said “We talked and it’s done.” But did they really talk? And was it really done? Or was he just saying stuff to keep what he and Issa had going? We may never know, but it seems to me like somebody was lying.

22. So what are our predictions for next season? Here’s what I’d like to see: Lawrence decides to be a stand-up guy and give up this job opp in SF to stay in LA and be close to Condoleezza and the baby. But when the baby is born, Constipation finds out that Lawrence isn’t her baby daddy after all. Lawrence circles back to Issa but by then she finds someone new and is no longer interested. That plot would be satisfying to me, lol. Also, what’s next for Molly (hopefully, it involves more therapy)? Will the writers ever answer our cries to see more from Ahmal and Kelli? I guess we’ll just have to wait another two years to find out. *ugly cry while fighting the air*

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I read an article quoting Issa saying the finale would answer a lot of our questions. DId you feel like it answered your questions? Some of mine were answered but then so many others were raised. *sigh* 

As I read through what I’ve written, I’m laughing at how these recaps got progressively longer and longer throughout the season, lol. I believe this one is the longest yet, but hey… we had a lot to discuss. What did you think? What did I miss? 

I know Issa is adamant about capping this show at 30 minutes, but damn she stingy! She could’ve at least given us an hour for the finale! *side eye* Anyway, thanks for rocking with me this season. I’ve appreciated the love and I look forward to getting back to these recaps when season 5 debuts… whenever that will be! Until then, be safe and stay well!


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