Greenleaf – Season 5, Episode 2: “The Second Day”

The second episode of the season opens with Grace and Sophia at the hospital waiting up for AJ, who apparently has survived his suicide attempt. Womp womp. I mean, I didn’t WANT him to die, but in the previous episode when he was laying on the bathroom floor bleeding out and Grace was calling out for help… I just kept thinking – who’s going to hear her? They’re in that big ass house in an interior bathroom away from the door. The only person in the house is Marisol the maid, who is always off taking care of Jacob and Charity’s kids, and the rest of the family is outside. Grace wasn’t moving off the floor… AJ is bleeding out — how did she get help in time to keep him from dying? Maybe the wounds were superficial and non-life-threatening but there sure was a lot of blood on that floor. ANYWAY. It seems highly unlikely that he actually survived that attempt. But Greenleaf is known for storylines that don’t all the way add up. So here we are, lol.

Grace is eager to see AJ, of course, and the doctor tells Grace that AJ has to undergo a psych evaluation and once he is finished with that process, he will have to make a decision about whether he wants to see anyone – including Grace. The doctor asks if Sophia is AJ’s girlfriend (weird question), and asks Grace if she cut herself on the razor blade that he used to slit his wrists (another weird question – why does that matter unless AJ has some dreaded disease? Hmm… ). The doctor also asked about AJ’s dad, too, and Grace says he’s on the way (oh really?!). The nurse tells Grace to go on home because there was no sense in waiting around the hospital.

Grace and Sophia roll back to Greenleaf Manor to find Lady Mae, who’s gone back to her lemon water fast after AJ’s suicide attempt put her wedding plans on hold, in the dining room with Bishop. Apparently, Auntie Mavis (played by Oprah) had given Grace the keys to her jazz club (which I had completely forgotten about) before she disappeared and Grace hands the keys over to Bishop and Lady Mae because the club has literally been sitting empty since Auntie Mavis moved to Germany (I also don’t recall that happening!). The Bishop and Mae plan to use the club as the home of their new church they’ll be starting together. But first they have to get married! So the Bishop asks Lady Mae when she’ll be ready to get married and she says… Flag Day… WTH? LOL. That date was so random, but he says okay to that as though it made sense lol. 

Jacob has gone to Uncle Mac’s storage unit to look for papers that might disprove Kerissa’s theory that his parents had the previous owner of Greenleaf Manor killed. He doesn’t find anything but a fishing rod and a tackle box and he goes home to find Kerissa and Zora folding laundry. Jacob tells his wife and daughter he plans to take Winky (whyyyy is that his name?!) fishing someday. And then Jacob and Kerissa begin talking about an “appointment” they have later, which is actually a meeting with a lawyer to discuss their separation, but Zora gets excited upon hearing about this meeting because she thinks it’s an appointment to see a therapist so they can work on their marriage. Sorry, kid. That ain’t it, lol. As her parents continue to discuss this meeting while evading Zora’s questions, she begins to suspect that it’s not a therapy appointment after all (duh, lol), and she gets upset about her parents treating her like she’s not there (I don’t blame her!).

The Bishop and Lady Mae go down to the jazz club where Bishop marvels at all the history tied to the club. He names a bunch of Memphis jazz and blues legends who’ve performed there and he feels a way about tearing it down given the history, but that is what Lady Mae says has to be done because she cannot imagine how this “den of iniquity” can ever be a church otherwise. Bishop says that if they are going to demolish the church, then they have to tell Mavis about it. So, he picks up the phone to call her in Germany. I don’t know if he ever reached her, but it seemed like he was just left on hold for a long time and they never connected.

Y’all. WHY do they treat Charity like a step-child? Yes, she is annoying and, yes, she is a traitor (her mama called her Judas!), but she’s their family. They treat her like trash, lol. When Charity encounters her parents at Greenleaf Manor, she is confused by her mother’s chilly demeanor toward her. In response to being snubbed by Lady Mae, Charity says: “But you were going to invite me to your wedding!” Lady Mae is like “Chile, that was your daddy! I wouldn’t have invited you if it was up to me.” I was like dizaaam! Cold world! Then, Grace side-eyed Charity hard and when Charity seemed confused, Lady Mae was like “Gee, I wonder why your sister doesn’t fool with you. You only tried to get her son arrested and you gave away our family’s church!” Yeah, I mean… she has a point. Charity did do all that! Eek, lol. But when I had had enough was when Lady Mae told Charity that she didn’t know anything about “real problems”. I don’t know about all that. Charity’s husband left her for a man. She was pregnant with twins and lost one of them. She got a boyfriend who then dumped her to pursue his music career. Then, she found a boo who left her for a white woman, who is the daughter of the man who is trying to steal her family’s legacy. I don’t know, y’all… I’d say those were “real problems”. 

After Charity’s ego takes a bruising, she tells her mom she’s going to work “where people like me.” Well, boo… ACTUALLY, people don’t like you there either! Poor thang! She has a meeting with Phil who asks her to handle some church business and she agrees to do it. But then Judee pops into their meeting and makes a big show of being affectionate with Phil, who does NOT return her affection, by the way. As they’re wrapping up, Charity makes it a point to tell Judee that Phil is only marrying her because Bob is making him and that he’s still in love with Charity. Judee seems unphased, paraphrasing a verse from Proverbs (no she didn’t quote the Bible! LOL). And Phil is mute during this entire exchange, leading me to believe that while Phil does have feelings for Charity, he doesn’t REALLY care about anybody but himself. Poor Charity ends up alone, crying in the bathroom. She’s having yet another terrible, horrible, very bad day. 

Noah came back to town to check on his son, AJ, and Grace runs into Noah when she went back to the hospital to check on AJ. Their interactions are forced and awkward. Noah makes it clear that he’s planning to stick around for the time being. He and his wife are getting a divorce and he’s not going to fight her about it. After all, it’s pretty clear he’s more interested in Grace anyway, and in my opinion he always has been. When the doctor comes out to provide an update on AJ, Noah asks about seeing him, and the doctor says AJ doesn’t want to see him… And Grace, assuming she was not included in that decision, tries to move forward with seeing AJ and also gets shut down by the doctor, who basically said “Um, ma’am… he doesn’t wanna see you either!” Ha! Once again, Grace… read the room! Do you not realize you are part of the reason why AJ took his life in the first place?! You pushed him to let a dead man take the fall for a crime he committed and he was tortured by that. She never even realized how uncomfortable he was with that decision. Anyway, as they’re leaving the hospital, Noah asks Grace if they can speak later that night because he is hoping that they can “be a family”. Grace doesn’t seem interested in that conversation, especially after Noah throws her past behaviors in her face. Nothing will turn a woman off quicker!

Zora and Sophia seem to make up when Sophia asks Zora for a playlist that she made for her when Sophia was in the hospital. Sophia now wants to give that playlist to AJ (assuming he’ll see her). When Zora gets snippy with Sophia she says something along the lines of “I just lost my virginity to a guy who got back with his ex three days later.” Eek!! She did all that waiting only to lose her virginity to a fugg boy. Dreadful. Anyway, they seem to bond over this and it appears they’re moving in a positive direction. That’s cool… because things aren’t going so well with the other members of Zora’s family. While her parents were visiting the lawyer, Zora was home babysitting Winky because Marisol was busy taking care of Nathan for Charity and I guess couldn’t watch two kids at the same time? I guess… Zora confronts her parents about their plans for a divorce and she blames Jacob for the demise of her parents’ marriage and storms out. When Jacob threatens to tell Zora the truth about Kerissa and her STI, Kerissa threatens to release the proof about his parents’ shady dealings and Jacob promptly backs down. I wonder how many times Kerissa will be able to use that little tidbit to her advantage?

Charity reaches out to Grace in her moment of need and shares with her a poem that she wrote when she lost her twin baby girl, Eden. Grace reads it and instead of being grateful, she becomes infuriated, saying through tears and clinched teeth “How the hell can you turn my son’s attempted suicide around and make it about you?” Well damn! Charity was just tryna relate, my God. I mean, could they treat this chick any worse?! Charity snatches the poem back and says “You and mama deserve each other.” And in that moment, I can’t help but feel like she’s right. Lady Mae and Grace are both insufferable and self-righteous as hell!

Oh, I forgot to mention this storyline about Darius and Bob from H&H, which as I said in my last recap is a storyline that I do not care about at all. I still don’t, but for the purposes of the recap, there is a pastor named Cal at another church that Darius wants to interview for a story he’s doing on H&H. He had tried to reach out to Pastor Cal and he would not speak to him. Darius reached out to Grace to see if she could help get Pastor Cal to talk and Grace agreed, so the two of them went to the man’s house unannounced to have a chat. The man wouldn’t talk, but he did say that Bob knows about the story Darius is writing and told all the pastors involved in the merger not to talk, including Pastor Cal. So, what’s going on here? Idk and I don’t really care, but it seems like Darius has hit a roadblock here that he’ll need some help navigating around in order to get to the truth. Darius, who’s still sprung over Grace wants to know if she’s getting back with Noah and Grace assures him that she is NOT. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see how that all pans out.

Bishop tells Lady Mae that he had called a contractor to begin the demolition of the nightclub. Lady Mae asks if he’d made contact with Mavis and he said he hadn’t (although we never actually saw whether he had or hadn’t), but now that the demolition can begin, they should set a wedding date. Lady Mae sits up in her bed, concerned. Um… Bishop, y’all already did set a date. Flag Day remember?! He seems flustered when he realized that he had in fact forgotten all about that conversation. Now, I had forgotten that Bishop was sick. Remember they were making a big deal about his health in previous seasons, but then they just stopped talking about it? Is this the first sign of dementia? Who knows? But their conversation was enough to make Lady Mae eat some week-old pasta that Marisol had prepared to break her fast. After all she would need nourishment to have enough strength to get through the building of their new church and her upcoming nuptials!

Sophia reaches out to Dante, idk why, and Nikki answers the phone (of course she did!). Sophia, girl, leave that alone. And when Sophia gets back home, Zora tells her that a titty pic she sent Dante has now hit the internet. I’m guessing it probably wasn’t Dante who leaked that pic, but rather Nikki on some Bitter Betty stuff, but either way, now Sophia’s nips are floating around Al Gore’s internet and she’s only lost her virginity three minutes ago and she’s already involved in a sexting scandal. Whew chile!

Pastor Cal calls Grace and doesn’t say much else except three words, which turn out to be the name of a lending company that Bob from H&H is involved in. Could this be the break that Darius needs for his story and for Grace to reclaim her parents’ legacy? Only time will tell! Jacob is fishing with Winky and of all the things he could find inside of the tackle box, he finds a copy of Mrs. Davis’s will, which lists Basie Skanks’ daddy, Darryl James, as the heir to her estate. Sooo… Jacob makes his way over to Tasha’s apartment to find Basie, and Tasha says Basie has gone up yonder to be with the Lord. Okay…. So now what?! This is getting juicy! 

Is Bishop losing his mind? Will Grace and Noah reconnect? What will AJ do after he’s released from the hospital? Is Aunt Mavis gonna pop up? Will Charity ever catch a break? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

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