Greenleaf – Season 5, Episode 4: “The Fourth Day”

It’s now time for AJ to leave the hospital, but he’s not completely Scott-free. The doctor suggests to Grace and Noah that AJ go to a facility for people with HIV, but AJ isn’t really trying to hear that. He wants to go home, but not with Grace… When he’s asked to choose where he wants to go, he says “I want to go with him”, meaning he’d rather be with Noah. Now it’s my understanding that Noah is living at home with his mom and wherever that is, it’s surely not as plush as Greenleaf Manor. But that’s not what AJ is about anyway. I think living in lavish luxury makes him uncomfortable and he also feels a way about how the Greenleafs are all up in each other’s business, so he’s not interested in going back to the estate and I can’t say I blame him. Plus, Grace is a smotherer. Noah definitely seems like the better option at this point.

When Bishop finds out that Jacob has gone to see Tara (Basie’s sister), whom Lady Mae refers to as “God’s Florence Nightingale handing out sandwiches and needles” (and I cackled!), he is totally pissed. He lets Jacob have it for thinking that he might be a murderer. But Jacob says it’s not that he believed the accusations but rather he was trying to get more info because Kerissa was blackmailing him he had to try to find out the truth. Lady Mae is furious with Jacob because she believes that his visit planted the seed in Tara’s head to go after the Greenleaf home. But she is not more furious with Jacob than she is with Kerissa’s “bony hand”, that she believes has been stirring the pot in the first place. She called this woman “David Duke in a head wrap”! Whew chile! Lady Mae goes IN on her family, you hear me?!

Lady Mae and Bishop had apparently been discussing the closure of Calvary before Jacob walked in, but when Lady Mae tried to revisit the conversation, Bishop had forgotten they’d ever been talking about it. The writers are definitely trying to set us up for the big reveal that Bishop is sick and possibly even battling dementia or Alzheimer’s because this is like the third or fourth conversation that’s slipped his mind this season. Bishop tells Lady Mae he doesn’t want to attend Calvary’s last church service and she says that this isn’t a time to stop praising the Lord, so on Calvary’s last day they will host a Bible study at home. And that’s that on that because Lady Mae’s word always stands.

Meanwhile, Charity is at Calvary still battling Judee and Phil. I don’t know why she continues to subject herself to their abuse, but she is still working alongside them as they prepare for the opening of the new church. As they discuss Calvary’s last Sunday, she suggests that they play a video that’s sort of a highlight reel of the history of the church. Judee said she would rather show a video of what the new campus would look like and she questions why Charity would want to highlight anything about Calvary’s old building given that her father shot a man in the church and her uncle was molesting young girls on the premises as well. I mean… she ain’t lying or anything, but damn. Judee didn’t have to go hard like that, lol. Anyway, Charity tries to appeal to Phil’s sensibilities on the subject and he, of course, takes Judee’s side. The video will not be shown. Grace overhears this exchange and tries to convince Charity to help her find out more information about Phil’s parents, especially his father Marcus DeMars, who have something to do with Eden Vale Lending, which is the company that came up in Darius’s investigative reporting about Bob from H&H. Charity decides to help by telling Grace that Marcus DeMars no longer exists. He now goes by Yusuf Shabazz. Later, Grace tries reaching out to Yusuf Shabazz and he is not willing to give her the time of day, so that looks like it’s a dead end for now.

Lady Mae pays Kerissa a visit in her suite, telling her that she’s had it up to here with her shenanigans and she wants her out of the house. She asks her why she and Jacob are getting a divorce anyway and Kerissa tells her about her affair and she implies that Jacob is being a hypocrite for not being able to accept her one indiscretion when he in fact has had many. Kerissa tells Lady Mae that she would be willing to drop all the nonsense if Lady Mae can convince Jacob not to leave her. Girl, what?! You’re trying to KEEP him? Could’ve fooled me because everything you’re doing is only driving him further away. Lady Mae decides to confront Jacob about the whole situation and tells him that if he doesn’t want to buy their family a ticket to the poor house, he needs to forgive Kerissa and take her back. As we know, Lady’s Mae’s transgressions are much worse than Kerissa’s, so she really has no right to be a hypocrite about Kerissa’s situation and neither does Jacob really.

Speaking of Lady Mae’s transgressions, Aaron, Grace’s half-brother from her father (aka Lady Mae’s side piece), who happens to be the one attorney on the show, is in the house, too. He tells Bishop that the version of the will that bequeathed Loretta Davis’s home to the Greenleafs supersedes the earlier version willing the house to Darryl James. Cool, but he also tells them that while that’s the case legally, most people who learn about both wills probably won’t see it that way. The thing that struck me about this scene is, as a lawyer, people expect you to be able to answer literally ANY legal question, but legal expertise doesn’t really work that way. If I’m a real estate lawyer, I’m probably not the best person to ask about a criminal matter. But on tv shows, these lawyers be handling everything from wills to child custody to murder trials, lol. Unrealistic! But whatever. Anyway, Bishop gets it in his head that he’ll negotiate with Tara, which he thinks will be a lot easier than trying to convince Basie not to shoot him even though he had a whole bullet in the chamber. “Famous last words,” says Lady Mae. Is that foreshadowing?! So the Bishop pays a visit to Tara and tells him that he’s not the one who called her father to come to the church the night that he was killed and that actually it was probably Mac. After all, Mac is the one who amended Mrs. Davis’s will. He asks if they can get past this, but we never hear her answer.

Charity is so convinced that her idea to show the Calvary highlight real on the last Sunday is a good one, so she sets out to try to get some allies. She approaches Connie, who is one of the deacons, and Connie is not here for her idea at all. Judee uses her position as Bob’s daughter and “soon to be first lady” of the church to empower herself to fire Charity. Charity goes to Phil about it who has no sympathy, and tells her that going to Connie was “unproductive”. Charity has finally had enough and decides to quit her job at Calvary, but not before telling Phill off and calling him a “sponge” and a “waste”. She could’ve channeled Lady Mae and gone a lot harder, but then she wouldn’t be pitiful little Charity. So, I guess she did the best she could. Anyway, Judee isn’t worried about Charity one bit and later that night as she tries to get on her knees to pleasure her man, she can tell Phil is distracted. She asks him what’s wrong and also asks if the issue is that she isn’t legally divorced. Um… what?! She’s still married?! These church folk are something else, lol. But Phil reveals that he’s taken issue with something Charity said that made him suspect she has something sinister in the works. After all, Charity DID tell Lady Mae she had a plan. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see how it all unfolds.

Bishop encounters Grace out for a walk on the property of Greenleaf Manor and they have a talk about her concerns about AJ. He reminds her that nobody ever thought she’d return to them and she did, so perhaps a miracle will occur with AJ, too. Bishop has brought home some good ol BBQ for the family to enjoy together. Bishop tells the family they no longer have to worry about losing the house and Charity tells the family she quit her job at Calvary. Bishop tells the family that on Calvary’s final Sunday they will worship at home and not only will Lady Mae lead that service, she will lead ALL the services in their new church. Well alrighty then! Things are looking up for the Greenleafs, it seems. But just when it seemed like all was well, Bishop gets a call from Tara asking him to come speak to her about the house as soon as possible. Oops. Spoke too soon! I wonder what she is going to say AND who she called after Jacob and Tasha left her church.

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