Greenleaf – Season 5, Episode 5: “The Fifth Day”

We find the Greenleafs starting the day on what is to be Calvary’s last Sunday. After this service, the church building will be no more as H&H plans to tear it down. When Grace wakes Sophia up for the day, Sophia tells her she’s been up texting all night with “stupid girls from Hampton.” Clearly, these girls have found out about Sophia’s titty pics that Dante leaked to the internet. Yikes. I guess she’s not going to be living that down anytime soon. Hope she learned her lesson! Sophia says she’s not up into the faith thing that particular morning, but she’s down for spending time with family. Grace tells Sophia that as a Greenleaf, faith and family are the same thing, so she needs to get her buns up and get ready for church. Bloop!

Jacob is still pissed about Kerissa’s entanglement. *cue August Alsina* I feel like men are like this at times – they can be whole heauxs, but if they find out their wives have made even the slightest mistake they are completely unforgiving. So, here we are with these two. In the last episode, Kerissa even tried to feed him the lines he’d need to say to her to resolve this whole issue from her perspective and he just couldn’t bring himself to utter them. In this episode, she tells Jacob that if they’re going to turn things around, they need to do it before they break the news to Winkie because after they tell him about their divorce there’s no going back on their decision. Jacob is unmoved – no surprise there. He seems to really be done with Kerissa now.

Downstairs, the entire family, including Noah and AJ, worships together as Charity and Karine lead them in a song and Lady Mae gives a sermon entitled “New Beginnings”. After the service is over, the Greenleafs have a buffet brunch that could feed a mega-church congregation, which allegedly Lady Mae and Marisol made from scratch the night before (yeah right!). Over Belgian waffles, Grace and Noah reminisce about their first Sunday at Calvary, which was appropriately Consecration Sunday, because Grace lost her virginity when those two crazy kids consummated their relationship right in the church house on that day. That’s quite a memory to revive at post-church brunch, but hey… it’s real. Lots of church kids did things at and in church of which the elders would not approve. 

Lady Mae lets it be known that following the church service she’s going to see Tara to discuss the house and she’s going alone because clearly the Greenleaf men are ineffective, but a Greenleaf woman with God on her side will make things right! Speaking of Greenleaf men, during brunch Jacob and Kerissa are still arguing as Bishop and AJ look on. AJ decides to become Memphis Yoda this episode as he makes several philosophical statements. That said, he’s such a horrible actor that the gems just don’t hit as hard as they could had someone else been delivering them. Anyway, he makes a statement about how some people like to take things apart to see how they work or something like that. This goes back to the previous episode when Bishop and Grace were talking about AJ and Bishop says to Grace “you are afraid that what you broke apart won’t come back together again” or something along those lines. Anyway, all this talk about broken parts jogs Bishop’s memory about something (it’s a miracle because we all know Bishop’s memory ain’t ish!). He takes AJ to a garage on the property and standing in front of a huge wooden box, he tells AJ the story of how his father answered his prayer for a Pontiac GTO, but he gave it to him in pieces to remind him that “faith without works is dead”. He tells AJ that if he sticks around to help him rebuild the car, then he can have it. Sweet deal, I’d say, and also a great way to keep AJ around for a while.

Meanwhile, Lady Mae makes her way to Tara at the mission. They talked about the work that Tara is doing and the level at which she’s working. Lady Mae, ever ambitious, asks Tara if she’s ever thought of how she could do more, like serve 100 or even 1000 instead of the 20-30 that she currently reaches. Tara says she prefers a more humble approach, she’s more like Jesus who never built a temple or asked for donations. Touche! Tara says that Greenleaf Manor isn’t something she’s after, BUT if Mrs. Davis meant for Darryl James and his descendants to have the home, then she could use it to make something greater out of her ministry like turn it into a shelter or a foster home. Lady Mae has an epiphany right then and there that she has asked God for a new beginning and this could be his very funny way of answering her prayer. And at that moment, Lady Mae began to believe that God was telling her to give Tara the family estate.

Noah and Grace are bonding. They’re together in a room alone, talking about AJ. Grace wants to know how they got on the night before and Noah basically says “I mean, he’s grown and I don’t feel like his dad, soooo…” They move on to discuss Bob from H&H, Mrs. Davis, and Darryl James and they start to wonder why Mrs. Davis would’ve given the house to him in the first place. It’s just then that Noah realizes Grace looks tired – because of all the stress she’s been under, she hasn’t been sleeping. He invites her to take a nap ON HIM and she obliges. When she wakes up sometime later he tells her that he remembered coming across some old journals when he lived in Zora’s she-shed from Mrs. Davis where she described “the negro” who used to come by the house. What if that “negro” was Darryl James, they wondered? This is also the first time it occurred to me that Mrs. Davis was white. I don’t know why I assumed she was an old Black woman, but I guess that was silly of me to assume given the kind of wealth she amassed in a time when that was not common for Black people.

Karine has been giving Charity a blow-by-blow of Calvary’s last Sunday service because her grandmother is at Calvary and sending her text updates about what’s happening. Apparently, Judee sang a solo (laughable I’m sure), and Judee and Phil were taking selfies in front of a wrecking ball in the church parking lot. Can you say tacky?! 

Charity decides to try calling Yusef Shabazz and, just like he told Grace, he told Charity she had two minutes to spill whatever she needed to say to him. When she brings up his son and Eden Vale Lending, Yusef gave her some cryptic statement about how “the river runs one way but this isn’t about the river.” What kind of riddle is that?! He’s weird. I don’t understand why he’s not willing to entertain questions about his son, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Charity eventually asks Zora and Sophia to watch Nathan for a bit. Zora happily obliges, but Sophia just looks super uncomfortable. Just then, Kerissa and Jacob stop by to tell Zora about their divorce, so Sophia is left alone with Nathan, which doesn’t seem like that great of an idea. She’s very unstable these days and I guess being around the baby is reminding her that she’s unable to have children of her own. Poor thing. Kerissa and Jacob break the news of their divorce to Zora, who claims she’s cool with it and basically blames everything on Jacob. Kerissa steps in and admits the breakup isn’t all Jacob’s fault and she made a mistake too. Zora goes to her she-shed to sulk and Grace stops by in the middle of her tantrum. They speak briefly and Grace does a very poor job of consoling her before she tells Zora she’s there looking for the journals. Zora tells her all that old stuff is in a box in the other room – I’m surprised she didn’t throw it all away when she moved in. Grace finds the box really quickly and when she opens it, she discovers some really old looking books, journals, and records inside. Like, these things look like they came from the era of slavery, lol. I’m not sure how long ago these incidents were supposed to have happened, but they’re acting like it was the 1890s or something, lol. Anyway, I’m curious to see what she finds inside and whether she can make sense of what Noah remembered reading in them.

Bishop asked Grace for some of her money to pay off Tara. At first I was confused about what money he was talking about but, if you recall, Grace got an inheritance from her real father, Lionel Jeffries, who was Aaron’s dad and Lady Mae’s former side piece. When Lady Mae gets wind of Bishop’s request of Grace, she’s beside herself because the money is evidence of her affair and the 40-year lie she told her husband about Grace being his daughter. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. Call this donation reparations for Lady Mae’s affair. As they’re discussing all this, Charity comes in and says they should all go to Calvary before it gets torn down. Not to say goodbye, but to say thank you.

The family (minus AJ and Noah) does go to the church and there’s a beautiful scene of all of them holding hands on the stage of the sanctuary where Bishop reminisces about the first baptism they had there. He says that the visit was actually a balm to his soul, so I guess he’s glad they came. He also tells Lady Mae she can give the house to Tara if she wants. So after their visit, Bishop and Lady Mae go to the mission to tell Tara she can have the house but when they arrive, they are greeted not just by Tara, but also by her sister Rochelle (played by LeToya Luckett from Destiny’s Child) who tried to have a fling with Bishop in a previous season. I’m sure this answers our question about who Tara called after Jacob left her at the mission that day. As Bishop and Lady Mae are getting their bearings after being thrown off by Rochelle’s surprise appearance, several cars pull up to the mission, but we don’t get a chance to see who’s inside. Is it Basie? Cause I’m still not convinced he’s dead. And what’s up Rochelle’s sleeve? I guess we’ll find out when Greenleaf returns next week. Stay tuned!

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