Greenleaf Recap – Season 5, Episode 6: “The Sixth Day”

Lawd, y’all… Rochelle is back! And Bishop is tryna call the feds on her! LOL! Rochelle is supposed to be in jail and Lady Mae wants to know how she’s managing to zip around Memphis like she has the key to the city. I don’t know what Rochelle is doing back in town, but whatever the reason, we already know it’s not good if SHE is involved.

Lady Mae is urging Bishop’s forgetful self to go get himself checked out at the doctor but he’s more worried about the fact that Rochelle’s likely trying to kill him, so he’s not able to focus on a doctor’s appointment right now, woman! He can’t be bothered with all that! Grace walks in on her parents’ conversation, but before anything meaningful happens between the three of them, Darius calls Grace from a number she doesn’t recognize. When she answers, she asks why he’s calling her from a random number and Darius says it’s because his laptop and phone were stolen from his Vegas hotel room and he’s certain Bob from H&H is behind the theft. Now, I can understand why his laptop was left in the hotel room while he moved around, but why was his phone in his hotel room? Seems weird to me that he’d leave his phone unattended as my phone never leaves my side, but… I’ll let that detail go. Anyway, Darius asks Grace to access some emails he’d sent to her related to the story since his laptop is no longer accessible, but when Grace goes to take a look, the emails are being deleted from her laptop right before her eyes. So you mean to tell me someone hacked into her laptop, or her email account and is deleting files… WHILE she is looking at them? Lemme find out Bob from H&H has Anonymous-level hackers on his team. Y’all better leave him alone!

Yusef Shabazz, aka Marcus DeMars, aka Phil’s daddy, shows up just then and y’all, I was surprised by that. Before he wouldn’t even give these people the time of day on the phone but then he shows up at the gates of Greenleaf Manor, which is hours away from his home in New Orleans. Doesn’t seem plausible to me, but okay. Yusef runs into Charity at the gates of the compound (how convenient) and when she lets him into the Big House, he is impressed that all their riches come from religion of all things. I mean… he has a point. Charity says that parishioners like to see their pastors doing well, but I don’t know about all that. I’m cool with my pastor living comfortably, but these folks live on an estate where every member of their family has their own suite, complete with bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room. It is an ESTATE for sure and although it seems they stole it and therefore didn’t come by it honestly, it costs money to maintain, and those funds are coming to them from out of the pockets of their congregation. Okay, so, back to the storyline here… Yusef tells Charity that he will agree to speak to Darius, but he makes it clear that any talking he does will be off the record.

Jacob and Kerissa are still on the road to divorce and are planning to break the news to Winky with the help of a child psychologist. Jacob still wants shared custody and, for whatever reason, Kerissa is still not willing to give it to him. So she wants to stay married to him but also doesn’t want him to have shared custody of his kids? Make it make sense. But for real, they need to stop worrying about Winky and pay closer attention to Miss Zora, who announced to Sophia that she plans to relocate to New York City to attend the New School and her flight is scheduled for the next day. But keep in mind that Zora hasn’t even applied to the New School yet because she is trying to force Sophia into helping her record her audition tape. She also has no plans for a place to stay. Having lived in NYC myself for 8 years, I’m here to tell you that this isn’t how a relocation to NYC should work, lol. She can’t have no school to attend AND no place to live… pick a struggle honey. Sounds like she’s the one who needs a child psychologist.

Sophia, who apparently cannot keep a secret, immediately goes and tells Jacob and Kerissa what Zora is planning. They go to Zora’s she-shed and confront her. And, believe it or not, Jacob is the one who saves the day. He is reasonable and calm when addressing the situation. He asks Zora if her ticket is refundable and she says that it is, so he suggests that she reschedule so they can help her relocate the “right” way. He even suggests that Zora arranges to live in Hoboken with Kerissa’s cousin, which Zora isn’t really feeling because c’mon… as we all know, Jersey is NOT NYC, but she is willing to think about it. 

Zora later catches Sophia reading the Bible. This is huge because as she loves to remind us, she’s turned her back on religion ever since she found out she is infertile. But I guess she’s warming back up to religion and back to studying the word. Remember she wanted to be a pastor at one time, so she’s just getting back to her roots. During their conversation, Zora tells Sophia that she’s gotten revenge on Sophia for telling her parents about her plans to move to NYC by telling Grace about Sophia’s titty pics. I mean, hey… tit for tat, right? No pun intended, lol. But that is petty, though. I hate a tattletale!

Yusef and Darius finally speak and Charity and Grace are there to hear what Yusef has to divulge. He drops the bomb that Bob used to defraud poor black families through Edenvale Lending and stole their houses out from under them. Okay… that’s it? THAT is the bomb shell?? That was sooo anticlimactic. Yusef also explains that Phil’s mom was the “black face” that Bob used to do his dirty work… she would be the one who would convince the families to sign on the dotted line and line them up for the kill. Turns out that Phil knew none of this because Yusef decided not to tell him as he didn’t want Phil to know what his mom had been up to. Also, it seems Phil and Yusef haven’t spoken in years and maybe even decades, so they don’t have the kind of relationship where they share things with each other anyway. The Greenleaf sisters and Darius are energized by this information but Yusuf isn’t interested in going on the record. After some prodding, he agrees that he’ll put himself out there if they can find someone who is willing to back up his story, and they vow to do just that. Following their conversation, Grace and Darius get to have a private chat where Grace fills him in on AJ’s health situation and Darius lets Grace know that he is interested in her being a part of his future. She seems genuinely surprised that he’s said this although I don’t know why. He’s been so clear that his end goal is for them to be back together. But now that Noah is back, the path for them doesn’t look so clear anymore.

Tara comes to see Lady Mae at Greenleaf Manor. She is still alleging that she didn’t know that Rochelle was back from Mexico, but I’m not buying it. If it wasn’t Rochelle that she was talking to on the phone after Jacob left the mission, then who was it? She also tells Lady Mae that she’s sure now more than ever that God wants her to have Greenleaf Manor. If I was Lady Mae, I’d tell her that if God really wants her to have it, then so be it, but she won’t get her hands on it until God Himself comes down and delivers it to her personally. ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but I’m not just handing over my family estate to some random person because of a will that we don’t even know is legit. No sir, no ma’am.

Bishop goes to meet with a building inspector at Auntie Mavis’s old club, which he and Lady Mae plan to turn into their next church. While he’s there, Miss Rochelle shows up to throw him off his game. She says it seems like they have a lot of work to do on the space and: “It may be easier for you to burn it down… with me in it.” Bishop is like “Do you STILL believe that I’m the one who killed yo daddy, girl?!” He is still trying to convince everyone he had nothing to do with that fire, but idk. Seems suspicious.

At AJ’s doctor’s appointment, Noah and Grace chat in the waiting room, and Grace tells Noah that she found Mrs. Davis’s old journals and saw the mentions of “that negro” with her own eyes. She again wonders whether the negro is Darryl James and Noah offers to speak to the neighbors to find out if they remember anything (why Grace couldn’t do that herself, idk… and also that property is so huge and sprawling, what could the neighbors have feasibly seen? The next house is like two miles away! But I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask.) AJ comes out and sees Grace and Noah all cozy and starts to tease them about their flirtation. It could’ve been a cute scene, but the actor who plays AJ is just so awkward and his acting is so bad… I didn’t actually get the endearing vibes I think we were supposed to feel. Also, I know I’ve asked this before but I’m stuck on this and can’t let it go — are we really supposed to believe that this short slight boy is the product of Grace and Noah who are both fairly tall and substantial people? That’s not how DNA works, lol. I still can’t get past the fact that he literally looks like nobody in the family, but okay. Imma let that go… for now. Anyway, Noah also tells Grace that he’s secured housing for himself and AJ and that if the Greenleafs lose the house and Grace needs a place to stay, she has a place with them. Um… she also clearly has a place with Darius too so our girl got options!

Bishop returns to the house after meeting with Rochelle and he is adamant that they not give the house to Tara and Rochelle because they’re a bunch of “con artists” as he calls them. And here’s where Lady Mae asks some tough questions. She asks why Miss Davis even left them the house when she didn’t know Bishop. Huh?? I mean, that is an excellent question… I’m only confused because I don’t understand why she is just now asking it! Like you’ve known for decades that he ain’t know that lady when you inherited the house, so why didn’t you wonder how that inheritance came to be back then? Then again, why did Miss Davis leave the house to Darryl James? That also doesn’t seem right. Idk, this is all super messy and none of it makes any real sense. Since this is the final season and we’re getting close to the end, they better find a way to make this all fit together.

Jacob comes into the room to tell Bishop and Lady Mae that Kerissa and Winky are moving in with Kerissa’s parents and since they’re leaving he wants to make it not seem so awkward by having the family see them off. No way this won’t be awkward even with the family there to see them leave, but okay. But here’s the thing, Lady Mae decides to take this opportunity to chastise Jacob for being a heaux. But lady… you was a heaux too! And just when I was thinking that, Bishop let her have it! He told her that she had some nerve calling out Jacob when her indiscretions led to a side baby (aka Grace!) and she lied about her sins for 40 years. Lawd! The drama! But also, amen! It’s high time someone said it!

Back at Calvary, Judee and Phil are together when Charity comes in the room and turns on the light: “Be careful… everything you do in the dark will come into the light,” she says, as she reintroduces Phil to his father, Yusef. Yusef spills the tea to Phil about Bob’s predatory lending and his mother’s role in it, but of course Phil doesn’t want to believe it and Judee says all of this is just Satan’s doing because her daddy just looooves black folks. Girl, what?! Puhleeze! First of all, that’s what all the racists say, lol. Then Charity says she’s going to pray for Phil (she is really still stuck on this man and it’s so annoying and downright pathetic now), and leaves, at which point Judee says something about how “these people” are like pigeons… and I was wondering did she mean all black people or just the Greenleafs, specifically. When “those people” say “these people”, one can never tell when to be offended.

At Greenleaf Manor, Kerissa and Winky are about to head out and while they’re saying their goodbyes, Kerissa and Jacob have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. It’s clear that while they are no longer in love with each other, they do still love each other in some way. Impressed by how he handled the Zora situation, Kerissa gives her blessing for Jacob to have shared custody of the kids. Is it weird to anyone else that you barely ever see this Winky kid they talk so much about? And, again, why is his name Winky?! Lawd. But I digress.

As Kerissa drives away, in the spirit of “new beginnings” Lady Mae decides to drop a real bombshell and she comes to clean to her family, revealing that Grace is the product of an affair she had with Lionel. She then tells them in the same tone in which she delivered her scathing secret, that dinner will be served at 7:30, and then she goes back into the house like nothing happened. LOL! Lawd, she is something else. Later as Jacob, Charity, and Grace sit on the porch getting tipsy after dinner, Jacob is really annoyed that his mother put him through so much crap about his relationship with Kerissa when she is a cheater herself. I mean, hey… maybe heauxin is hereditary and this isn’t all Jacob’s fault after all, lol. 

Darius calls Grace and tells her that he’s found a source that’s willing to back up Yusef’s story and he wants to meet up with her to share the info. Now, this all seemed too convenient, so I figured Darius was probably going to die before they were able to connect. I don’t know why I had Darius dying in my head, it was just something I felt. And when Grace gets to Darius’s house, he’s not there, so I started to panic that maybe he really WAS dead. As Grace is leaving, Kerissa’s ex-boo, who’s handing out chlamydia and forged wills as Jacob reminded us, shows up. Acting as a henchman for Bob, he basically tells Grace to watch her back but he also gives her some warning about how nobody cares about journalists (I assume he’s referring to Darius) and they should be careful, etc. And then the episode is over. Now we know that Bob is willing to go through some great lengths to keep people from finding out about this lending scheme… is he willing to go so far as to commit murder? I really hope not, mainly because I like looking at Rick Fox, lol. Hopefully, he’s still alive and my prediction is wrong. Stay tuned!

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