Greenleaf Recap – Season 5, Episode 7: “The Seventh Day”

Oh, Greenleaf. Why must you get even cheesier in your final season? Lolol. I’m entertained but also kiiiinda slightly embarrassed. Let’s get into why.

So shady ass Bob is not in fact a murderer because Darius is still alive. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus! However, though Darius is alive, we find out that Bob’s crooked butt had Darius thrown into jail, claiming that he was high on PCP or something like that. Wow, Judee’s good ol daddy will go through some lengths to make sure that people don’t find out how awful he is, won’t he? After Grace bails Darius out of jail, Darius is still committed to pursuing the story about Eden Vale Lending, so he can properly drag Bob through the mud, so he drives off the impound lot headed to interview the source given to him by Yusef Shabazz aka Phil’s daddy.

As Darius pursues that lead, Grace follows another lead as she meets up with Aaron and together they’re going to attempt to get an injunction to postpone the demolition of Calvary. Their argument is that Jacob and Kerissa sold their land to H&H under false pretenses because they didn’t know that H&H was behind the company that bought the land and I guess they’re saying that they wouldn’t have sold the land had they been privy to that information. When Aaron and Grace show up at Calvary to inform Judee, Phil, and Fernando about the injunction, telling them that since Jacob and Kerissa didn’t know they were selling their property to H&H, Bob and Co. are guilty of real estate fraud. But Fernando who also happens to be Kerissa’s Latin lover (who’s handing out STIs and forged wills!), tells Grace that she is wrong because Kerissa in fact did know as she learned the truth during their pillow talk, which she enjoyed immensely, he reminded her. Terrible. Grace calls Jacob to tell him this news and he says he will follow up with Kerissa. He is soooo disappointed when Kerissa confirms that she did, in fact, know who they were selling too. What a low down dirty… bleep! Of course, we, as viewers already knew that Kerissa was aware, but this is the first time Jacob realizes the lengths Kerissa was willing to go to in order to destroy him and his family.

While all this is going down on Demolition Day, Bishop is pursuing his own agenda. He tries to get Lady Mae to agree to move up their wedding date from Flag Day (still such a random choice for a wedding date!) to some time much sooner by presenting her with the first engagement ring he gave her. And it’s tiny, y’all, but obviously holds sentimental value. Lady Mae is touched by the gesture, but she is not moved. She tells Bishop that she has to first make things right with Tara because she is not willing to start another church amidst yet another scandal. Bishop says he’s not cool with that because any concession they make to Tara is like him admitting he did something wrong and he doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong. And Lady Mae is like well… that’s all good, but then that means we’re not getting married til Flag Day. She doesn’t shrug but she might as well have, lol. That’s right, hold your ground, Lady Mae! 

Bishop leaves Lady Mae sitting there and encounters AJ at the bottom of the stairs. They agree to meet up in the garage to begin working on the Pontiac GTO, which is currently sitting in pieces in a big box. Their conversation turns to God. I thought it was funny when Bishop asked AJ if he had gotten saved while in jail. AJ did not, but many people do, so I guess it wasn’t an unreasonable question. AJ hasn’t yet found the Lord and Bishop tells AJ he can get saved by just saying a simple prayer. AJ doesn’t take him up on that offer of salvation and Bishop doesn’t push, but AJ does seem somewhat intrigued by the prospect of accepting the Lord. We may see him come to Jesus before this all ends. 

Meanwhile, Lady Mae is meeting with Tara. She offers Tara money and Tara says that money is not going to satisfy Rochelle. The only thing Rochelle wants is “Bishop brought low”. Lady Mae is now changing her tune about giving up the house and Tara says that if the offer for the house isn’t on the table, there really isn’t anything for them to talk about.

Noah has been working another angle, trying to find the caretaker of Mrs. Davis’s house to see if he can shed some clarity on Mrs. Davis’s relationship to Darryl James. The caretaker drops a few bombshells… first, he tells them that Mrs. Davis and Darryl had a very abusive relationship. This leads Grace to wonder whether the two were lovers, but the caretaker let her know that’s a preposterous assumption — they definitely were NOT lovers, they were mother and son. Lort! I kinda suspected that might be the case, and it was satisfying to have that suspicion confirmed. Though Mrs. Davis was unmarried, she did have an heir… a son. A BLACK son. And this explains why her property would’ve been willed to Darryl James in the event of her death. He was her direct heir. It wasn’t as random as we thought.

Grace fills her parents in and Bishop asks for Tara and Rochelle to be summoned to Greenleaf Manor. When they get there, Lady Mae tells them that Mrs. Davis might have been their grandma and, if so, their blood ties to the house supersede the Greenleafs’ legal ties to the house, which actually might not be so legal after all if there was some shady business that led to the second will bequeathing them the estate. Rochelle still isn’t happy in spite of this information that’s been revealed… the only thing she wants to know is the truth of what happened to her daddy. And Bishop says he will tell her the whole truth about her father’s death if Tara and Rochelle come to the church with him where he will tell it all. 

The Greenleafs are headed to the church because Bob has decided to call a press conference at the Calvary demolition and the family learns that he’s planning to announce his run for the US Senate during that press conference. Charity emailed Calvary church members to give them a little context about Bob and Eden Vale Lending and encourages them all to come to the church to hear the truth. By the time Jacob tells his parents and Tara and Rochelle about what’s unfolding down at Calvary, there is word that there are already about a hundred members waiting at the church to witness the tea being spilled.

When the family arrives at the church, Bob is at the front of the sanctuary, lying to the people as usual. Charity is already there and he accuses her of digging up old news and trying to make him look bad. But the congregation is told the whole story about Eden Vale’s predatory lending and Glady Demars, Phil’s mom, being the signatory on all the loans. Phil jumps up, not to defend Bob as Bob thought, but rather to confirm that his mother on her deathbed was regretful about her role in the scam. He asks Judee for his mother’s ring back and she drops the “stupid ring” (as she calls it) on the floor. Chile, if you don’t pick his mama’s ring up off the floor! Oh, I can’t stand her Pollyanna ass!

Bishop busts in on all of this and takes his rightful place at the front of the church where he begins to tell his story. Y’all. Bishop says a lot of words, but in my opinion he wasn’t really saying anything!! After he was done with his monologue, I wasn’t sure how or why Rochelle would be satisfied with what he said. He promised he would reveal the details of what happened to her father and I didn’t hear any surprising secrets. If you too were confused about his “big admission”, after speaking with a few people who provided some additional insight, I think I may have figured out what Bishop was trying to say. 

First, Bishop tells us that he took advantage of the people of Calvary and got fat and happy in the process. We know this is a common criticism of megachurch pastors who end up with material wealth at the hands of their congregations. It also goes back to Charity’s conversation with Yusef Shabazz, who when he saw Greenleaf Manor was like, ummm… church work got you all this? Fair question, Yusef! And now we see that Bishop also knew it was not all the way prudent for him to get rich off the ministry.

Next, Bishop says that the only reason there ever was a Calvary was because he used his home, Greenleaf Manor, as collateral on a loan to build the church. His lawyer, Mac, told him that Mrs. Davis did not have any heirs (after Darryl suspiciously died in a fire) and that she could be convinced to leave him the house, so he urged Bishop to go see her. Bishop’s ambition got the best of him, to the point that it blinded him from being able to see that Darryl James’s death was connected to the house being available for the taking. To me, this makes no sense. I’m sure there were other homes for the taking in Memphis. Why did Mac pick this one? What kind of sicko would think to arrange to have the poor man killed in order for them to get access to the house and use the money to build a church? Bottom line, what kind of church people are these?! Lawd. Jesus would not be pleased. So it seems that Mac was the culprit in Darryl’s death even though Bishop doesn’t explicitly say that. Rochelle seems satisfied with this answer, which I don’t understand. I would want to hear him name Mac, or… somebody! Anybody! But that’s me.

Sooo… right about then, Charity busts out singing Amazing Grace. And I was like huh?! What the hell is going on here? This whole thing was a jumbled mess, chile. And the “big reveal” was soooo anticlimactic. Why couldn’t Bishop have just told Rochelle and Tara this story at the house? Why did he need to do it in front of the church and why did he drag them there to hear it? In fact, why couldn’t he have told Rochelle this two seasons ago?! Instead, he continued to insist right up until this very episode that he’d done nothing wrong. And truthfully, he didn’t… directly. But also, if he really did believe he hadn’t done anything wrong, why not just tell what he knew a long time ago instead of continuously asserting his innocence? Meh. This writing is dumb.

After Bishop tells his side of the story, Phil approaches Charity and says he knows that she didn’t deserve any of the crap he put her through. Duh, fool! He also says that he loves her. And he wants to see her tomorrow. (Okay, dude. You’re pushing it!) Charity says not even her trifling old ex-husband broke her heart the way that Phil did. And she told him he won’t ever get a chance with her again. She walks away with a smile on her face but also looking like she wanted to cry. I’m sure it was hard to turn him down but I am SO glad she didn’t give in and she stood up for herself for once. Listen… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if trifling men don’t have anything else, they sure as hell have THE AUDACITY!!! How dare this fool Phil think that after all he had done to Charity including proposing to another woman and trying to destroy her family, she was just gonna be like “Oh okay… cool, yeah, let’s put all that behind us and I’ll see you tomorrow, boo!” No, I don’t think so sir! If you don’t get the hell on! In the end, Phil got exactly what he deserved, which is NOTHING. He lost Judee, Charity, the church, the pastorship, H&H, and everyone’s respect, and now he’s just left alone to think about all that he lost. Good riddance!

All this drama led Bob to step down from H&H. Good! And when Darius drops Grace off, he tells her that CBS will be running the story about Eden Vale Lending (good product placement for CBS!). Grace and Darius share a very passionate and very unreligious kiss (lots of tongue! LOL!), but Grace pumps their brakes, so she can go home and tend to her family who have had a very eventful day. Plus, she says that Sophia has something she wants to discuss with her. When she gets home, Sophia launches into a whole speech apologizing to her for being so stupid as to let her titty pics get leaked to the internet and Grace says to her: “What pictures?” So, it turns out that Zora didn’t actually tell Grace about the explicit pictures after all. And if Sophia had taken a second to think she would’ve realized that, too, because Grace is highly confrontational and would’ve been said something to her about those pics had she known about them. Duh, Sophia. She is certainly not the brightest bulb in the lamp.

In the master suite, Lady Mae is in the bathroom getting prepared to get some nookie from Bishop. I guess all that truthtelling got her feeling hot in the pants. She walks out to tell him that she wants to get married… tomorrow! No more waiting until Flag Day after all. Now, I could tell by the way they were shooting this scene that something bad was about to happen. I thought she’d walk into the bedroom and find Bishop dead. But no, she walked into the bedroom to find him sitting straight up in the bed and after a few moments she figures out he’s in the middle of having a stroke. Eek! He asks her for a pen. She takes her sweet time calling 911 and takes WAY too long to give them their address. She doesn’t even call out to anyone for help even though it’s clear Bishop is in distress. This is where it gets corny, in my opinion. For one, who has a stroke and dies sitting straight up in the bed? Also, why the heck did it take so long for Lady Mae to call for help?! It was clear what was happening and she was taking her sweet little prissy time. Anyway, she hands him a pen as he requests and he writes “I do” and she says “I do too,” clearly in reference to the vows they both wanted to take, and then… he dies. Bishop dies, y’all! At least I think he dies, lmao. You know this IS basically a soap opera where they bring people back from the dead all the time. I didn’t think AJ would make it up off the bathroom floor and by the next episode he was in stable condition. So… I guess we’ll see where Bishop ends up next week!

As you know, this is the last season of Greenleaf and episode 8 will be the final episode of the series. I cannot wait to see how they’ll manage to tie up loose ends and I think there will be some strings that will be left untied. I suppose only time will tell!

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