“Coming 2 America”: Literally nobody asked for this sequel, but I’m glad they made it anyway. I think…

I LOVE me some movies (if you haven’t guessed!), so when someone asks: “Kelli, what’s your FAVORITE movie?”, I find it impossible to name just ONE. In order to live with myself, Imust give a list of several films… it’s impossible to choose just one. But I can say with certainty that somewhere near the top of the list would be Eddie Murphy’s 1988 classic film, Coming to America. I remember watching this movie in the theater as a 9-year-old and getting so hype during the presentation of the “Queen to Be”… whew lawd, that dance performance was LIT!! And I was mesmerized by the ending scene when Lisa (Shari Headley) came down the aisle looking fit to be the Princess of Zamunda. I truly believe this movie is what single-handedly made me obsessed with weddings, an obsession that is still with me today (Say Yes to the Dress marathons, anyone?!). Anyway, as an adult, I watch Coming to America EVERY TIME I catch it on my tv and I can easily recite the dialogue, pretty much word-for-word. And no matter how many times I watch, I still laugh in all the same places… it literally NEVER gets old. 

That’s why I was SO excited when the trailer for Coming 2 America (the sequel) was recently released. There had been rumors for years that a remake was coming and I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I kinda just forgot about it. But knowing that in only a few short months I’ll be able to watch it–for FREE on Amazon Prime Video (thank you, Jeff Bezos!)–has me downright giddy! On the other hand, I’m also nervous that Eddie and crew will ruin one of my favorite films. Like, literally nobody asked for this remake, so if they don’t do it justice, well… to put it lightly, imma be pissed! I kind of wish that Hollywood would stop remaking classic films. Is it that difficult to come up with new stories? Let’s do something fresh and new instead of beating a dead horse by remaking or creating sequels for our old favorites. *sigh* Unless it’s amazing, and then THANKS. Haha. But I digress.

It looks to me like a lot of the scenes from the original will be recycled in this newer version, and I’m not sure how to feel about that. I hope we get some new jokes instead of resuscitated versions of old ones. 

But anyhoo, here are a few of my thoughts about this reboot:

  1. The people:
    1. Arsenio! Where the hell has he been? I’m not really sure, but he’s obviously been getting his beauty rest because he looks great. I’m happy to see him back. 
    2. Wesley Snipes, too! He’s out of jail?! Who knew?? Whew, I’m sure he’s grateful for this check.
    3. James Earl Jones literally doesn’t age. #MelaninIsMagic
    4. Shari Headley looks amazing… I was totally enamored with her as a kid and I am so happy to see that she’ll be in this film and that she’s continued to flourish.
    5. Teyana Taylor is in this! I was shocked to see her in the trailer. Man, she is so lucky to work with these legends in the remake of a Black classic! I am so excited for her.
  2. Return to the barbershop (one of my favorite scenes!):
    1. Now, c’mon y’all. Let’s be real… the guys in the barbershop should be dead by now! Like, literally, they were about a hundred when they made this movie 30+ years ago and yet here they are in the same barbershop, looking the same AND in their right minds. Not likely, but… I’ll allow it ‘cause I missed them, lol.
    2. As a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional, I have to say that the Africa jokes in the barbershop are definitely not politically correct, but my gawd they are funny af, I’m sorry. I cackled through that part of the trailer, lol. 
  3. Quietly, I’ve realized that Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite actors. He doesn’t always hit the mark, but I love so many of his movies (add Boomerang and Harlem Knights to my favorites list!). He is a damn genius to be able to conceptualize these stories AND play all these roles (and in the case of Coming to/2 America, multiple roles within the same film). Give this man his flowers!! All. Of. Them.
  4. The premise of the story is that King Jaffe Joffer, Prince Akeem’s dad, is passing the throne to Akeem, but Akeem needs a male heir to be next in line to the throne. Well, allegedly, Akeem has a son in the States, so he’s coming back to America to find him! Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t see how this is feasible. According to the trailer, he’s still married to Lisa… so when did Akeem impregnate someone in the U.S.? Y’all trying to say Akeem was a fuggboy and actually took his dad’s advice to “sow his royal oats” with someone other than Lisa?? I don’t like that idea. Or maybe he knocked somebody up in Zamunda before he went to New York and the woman went and had her baby in America without telling him? Idk. And I guess we have to wait to see the movie to find out how this all plays out, so stay tuned! 

Coming 2 America will debut on March 5, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video and my calendar is marked, and an alarm has been set! I will NOT miss this.

So, what say you? Are you excited about this movie or do you think it’s time to move on from this story? Do you think they’ll do it justice or ruin the legacy of a good film? Have you seen the trailer? If not, check it out:

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